Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hello World...

They say a blog is "born" every .5 seconds-per my husband (check him out at As I have worked in labor and Delivery as a registered nurse in the past I chose to "bring one to life" today.

Our lives are about to take some amazing turns that we are excited about. Right now we are in the process of selling our home-anyone looking for a house in Wichita, KS in the Goddard district? Check out

This summer we will be relocating to Manhattan, KS for my husband to pursue his PhD in education. I have interviewed with the ED (or ER-for some) at the local hospital. I am very excited and hope to hear back from them this week.

But for more pressing issues! We are going to LONDON this Thursday March 15th! I can't wait. We have visited on holiday before-but it is so much fun and interesting each time we go. If you think you cannot afford an overseas vacation check out Friends University in Wichita-there is a trip offered every year at a fantastic price! :)

Oh and one thing for all of you out there... If you ever travel outside of the U.S.A. do you know if your credit card charges you a conversion fee? Our card didn't in 2001 or in 2003. But in the last year they have passed the conversion fee on to their card holders. There is a 2% charge to change foreign money into U.S. dollars for every purchase made in foreign currency. Even purchases online! Does anyone know of a credit card that does not charge this. I would like to look into this for the next time we travel since it is too late for this trip.