Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reflections, 4 months ago we had a baby....

It's kind of ironic that I finished Mabel's birth story ( you can find it here) a year after we found out we were pregnant for the second time! A year ago we found out we were pregnant and were so excited but we also waited with anticipation and a little anxiety at every OB appt as there were people very close to us who lost precious pregnancies/ babies throughout the duration of Key Lime's pregnancy and birth. There were many days during this second pregnancy that I wondered why my pregnancy continued and others around me didn't. I prayed to God and cried over the blessing of keeping my pregnancy and had tears of loss for my friends. There is no answer to why except that this world is a fallen world and our hope is in Jesus. I know the little ones who left this world too early are in God's arms and even though I wish I could have met them on this earth and watched them grow up I know God's plan is perfect even in this fallen world.

My heart aches and ached for the little ones who never breathed their first breath in this world. Today as I finished Mabel's birth story I also think about those who didn't get to grow up on this earth but who will never be forgotten.

Never take for granted to time you have with your children as you never know how short your time with them may be.