Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Annual FIshing Trip....Warning, lots of photos!

Our annual fishing trip with Travis Barker at Lake Texoma was a wonderful time. We drove down Sunday afternoon and fished early Monday morning! Travis Got a new boat that is awesome!
Travis is an awesome fishing guide. I highly suggest Travis Barker to anyone who wants to go fishing at Lake Texoma!

One tradition we have on our drive down to Kingston, OK is to stop at Turner Falls. In the summer time the falls are bigger!

It was a very blustery, windy day!

Another tradition in Kingston, OK  is each of us takes $20 into the local slot machine place. Matt and I left with $60! We called it a night before we got in over our heads!

0620 AM on Monday we go to the dock!


We had our limit of 60 fish in less than an hour! We got off the water before the storms hit!

After Travis prepared our fish and bagged them, we were off to breakfast at Hobo Joe's!

After breakfast/lunch we headed back to Manhattan, KS!

Matt is becoming quite the fish chef! We are enjoying fish and it isn't even fried!
Matt has found that mixing cumin, chipotle pepper, and a few other spices is a great mix on bass! Yum!

Where are your favorite fishing spots?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SPACE BAGS are AWESOME...AND Spring warmth means I can pack away the sweaters and heavy blankets!!!

Regan and NeoTech have their way of helping...

These space bags are the best-see how tall it is!

See how small they get!!! There is a king size wool blanket, a twin size wool blanket and 2 pillows!   

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome to the Interior Hurricane BEK

Our 1 yr anniversary photo, a shadow box, and our wedding photo. I can't tape the clock- I need to see the time :)
Yes, this is a drawing of us within our first year of marriage that was drawn at World's of Fun. 
Bathroom photo
An art piece my great, great aunt did (I think...the signature is on the back.)
A mirror from my grandma Jessie
House rules and the Lord's prayer
Our china cabinet-ready for the storm! The oil painting on the left is the latest piece of art Matt bought. We both love it and can't wait to find out where it is going to go in our new home!
This is a print from Key West-I love the colors and can't wait to incorporate the colors from the oil painting and this print into our home!
 I feel like I am preparing for a hurricane inside of my house.  I have never been in  a hurricane; but I do know that everyone boards up windows, doors, ect. I have taped all my framed photos in the house. I have kept them on the walls until I am ready to pack them all away. It makes me smile to see another boost of progress. 

Monday, April 20, 2009

You've gotta read this!

I have been meaning to blog about a few books I have read. I love the book Girl Meets God by, 
This book takes the reader through the seasons of Judaism and Christianity while Lauren herself journeys through Judaism, to becoming an Orthodox Jew, to a finding Jesus and becoming a Christian. Lauren is so honest in her writings. She answered so many questions for me as God molds me through faith.

I am currently reading her book: Real Sex- the naked truth about chastity. I love it!  Winner discusses the real issues; not just the black and white legalistic view of "just don't do it."  I am thrilled to be reading this book. She discusses why sex outside of marriage isn't REAL SEX and what society has done to water down and degrade what is a wonderful, perfect, and union between the creations that the holy and loving God created. 

I encourage everyone to read Lauren Winner's books. I can't wait to finish the current book and read the next two! With Lauren's list of books she is reading or wanting to read, I now have a new list of books I want to read next! Check out her list here


Thursday, April 16, 2009

A constant, good reminder!

A few weeks ago I realized that I had met my 16th meeting at weight watchers awhile ago. I let my WW leader know and we celebrated. I now have my first charm on my 10% key chain.

I put my key chain in a spot that I look at on a regular basis. It also helps me to make healthier decisions if I go to a fast food restaurant :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A day of anticipation!

I will be taking the time to stop and think about what this day means!
May this special day be a day of forgiveness, remembrance, rejoicing!
Happy Easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009

A summer favorite slimmed DOWN!

A favorite salad of mine was lettuce, strawberries, red onions, raspberry vinaigrette, and CANDIED walnuts/pecans :)

Okay so here is my slimmed down version

Salad -whatever kind you like
Strawberries cut to whatever size you like- 1.5 cups will equal 1 pt (I think with my little salad bowl I use may a 1/2 cup=0 pts)
Red onion- sliced to whatever size you like- not too much or the salad will taste too oniony :)
A few sprays of the Ken's Raspberry Vinaigrette Spray

The slimmed Down secret-- LOWFAT GRANOLA!!! I use 1/4 cup- equals about 2 pts

I give the whole salad a value of about 2 pts unless I go over on the strawberries, granola, or the dressing :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Waiting on the job

A few days ago I became very anxious about getting a job. Nursing jobs are different than teacher jobs. With Matt, his position doesn't start until August and of course they will hold his position. In nursing, openings are fluid- there is no stop or end of the year. 

With me applying for jobs this early, I have heard "Well, considering you are not available until late summer, please apply for a job in June or July. Thanks. Please check on our website for open positions in the next few months."  I know this what they have to say and I know that I am applying early. This is a whole new ball game for me, so I am waiting on God.

I have started the application process in all the surrounding hospitals and have made phone contact with most of them. So when the time gets closer to when I can start work I just point and click myself to a job! :)

Now it is time to enjoy my time left in Manhattan, KS/ Kansas City with my dear friends and co-workers!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

God is in control

enough said.... "Be still and know that I am God."

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday NeoTech!

NeoTech was adopted by our family in 2003 when he was approx 5.5 months.  According to the KS Humane Society he was born in April 2003- so we gave him a birthday of April 1st!  NeoTech is a crazy, vocal, loyal, cuddler who loves Kiker and Regan. 

The vet who first cared for NeoTech believes he was born with his crooked tail. We believe he has some siamese in him due to his flesh colored fur on his belly and with how vocal he is. NeoTech is also very clingy to Kiker and myself. He enjoys his day with naps cuddled up to Kiker or awaking me by kneeding my shoulder/neck in the morning. He loves to de-clutter the desk, de-clutter the dresser, de-clutter the bathroom vanity, and whining when we reprimand him.

He also likes to escape for 3-10 days every other year or so.  In 2005 NeoTech ran out of the house when Matt was loading up for a hunting trip and was gone for over a week during the coldest time of the year. We found him in our neighbor's bushes . Later in the spring he went to our other neighbor's back yard (our north neighbors had a St.Bernard!). I heard him whining and helped him get out of the backyard. He loves to be outside and chase leaves.

While in Manhattan he escaped when the back door didn't get shut and he headed for the creek where all the leaves gather!  Again Matt found him whining while dropping of the trash. The crazy cat has never made it back to the door- he just starts whining and hopes we find him!