Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle....

Gaylene Smith from Stoneware Studio in Wichita, KS gave us a mobile she painted. Unfortunately Stoneware Studio will be closing the end of this month. But we celebrate the amazing things she did while creating a sanctuary for many for the last 4 years! I love it and think of her every time I look at it.

We didn't want to put the mobile into the ceiling, so I was looking for somehow to hang it. I found a black hook in the garage and thought it would be perfect for the nursery.
After a little spray painting project, it is perfect!

I love when I can find something and repurpose it for something else!

The mobile would not hang right, so I made my own version of the mobile with 3 of the 4 fish.

Final product:

It hangs near the changing table, but not over it. It brings a little whimsy/ garden feel to the wall. We really like it!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stokke Care Changing Table

The changing table came yesterday!!!! It was so easy to put together with the two of us! I love the Stokke Care Changing table!
I knew it was going to be big and I love it- the size is perfect! The blanket is from a friend from high school who found out we were expecting from Facebook. Amber is awesome and found the most perfect fabric for our little one's blanket!!!

It is sooooo cute! Obviously I won't be using it as a changing table cover (we've registered for those) but I just thought it was so perfect it had to be out for now while we wait for this little one to arrive :)
Grandpa Lynn's gift is sitting on the changing table awaiting the arrival...

Last weekend we bought a natural air filter, a plant. We bought lucky bamboo, and the cats have left it alone, yea!!!!! Plus bamboo is soooo easy to keep alive!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Someone to watch over baby Skill-it

Did you ever have a huge stuffed animal growing up? Neither Matt or I did. We were at the Park City Mall in Lancaster, PA a couple weeks ago and saw a huge stuffed giraffe that we both fell in love with. We went back this last weekend and it was no longer there and they didn't know when they would get another one. The internet is a wonderful thing, Matt found the same giraffe on for $34 dollars cheaper and with free shipping! The giraffe arrived yesterday and we were really excited to see it in the nursery!

It's 57 inches tall- here's a comparison with how tall the giraffe is compared to Regan.

When we were in Florida and told Matt's dad and family we went to a Safari like Zoo with lions, tigers, and giraffes! - as well as other animals! When we went to the gift shop Matt's dad bought baby Skill-it his/her first stuffed animal, a giraffe!

Two giraffes (and two excited parents) are patiently awaiting Baby Skill-it's arrival!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A new piece of artwork for the nursery

Matt is painting 2 original canvas pieces for the nursery, but he also came up with the idea to find print photos of each of our pets for the nursery as well. We found a frame over the weekend and after going through all of our photos of the pets we found 3 that we both liked and that were all vertical shots.
The dresser is my dresser from growing up. I believe it was in my nursery. It was the one piece of furniture that I was able to take out of my parents' home when I got married. I am hoping that we can keep it maintained for our children.

A peek to a corner in the nursery. Above the glider are the two spaces for Matt's paintings. This room is really starting to really feel like a nursery.
I find myself walking by this room, standing in the room, sitting in the chair, or vacuuming the rug in the room and praying for baby Skill-it. I have been so blessed through this pregnancy and I just pray that it continues with a successful delivery and a healthy mother and child. I know there is no guarantee, so I leave it in God's hands.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My new squirrel resistant bird feeders!

The feeders themselves are squirrel resistant and the little cone thing keeps the squirrels from climbing up the pole. The guy at the local pet store said I probably have as close to a squirrel proof feeder as I can get. I have seen it work and am very thankful. The squirrels pick up the seeds that fall to the ground. So far so good. I have really enjoyed watching all the birds around our house. We have all different colors of finches, cardinals, and other birds that I have yet to identify.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Painted Porches -

This was a very eventful weekend- these photos document 3 projects that Matt completed- I assisted. It's been almost a year since we have lived here. With the changing of weather and the significant snow we had our porches have been through a lot this last year. This meant a new fresh coat of paint. Our back porch appears to be cheap plywood- but it will do for now.
A little wear and tear showing.
I knew Matt would be painting the front porch. I had a spray paint project and did my best not to get it on the porch; but I didn't have enough newspaper to cover the spray I guess....Matt had told me not to worry since he planned to paint the porch; but I really did try not to make a mess.
So the project begins....
Love it!!!!
Making progress!

Waiting for the pain to dry- note the porch swing preventing access to the stairs to the porch. This was our version of caution tape :)
I think it's dry! It looks awesome!
So the back and front porch are painted and why not re-paint the stairs to the basement. While Matt was painting the porches he asked me to go get paint for the stairs. I had a few ideas of what color I might like, and it is not the brown that was there. The brown isn't a bad color, just a little on the not my favorite color of brown list.
I love this shot of Matt's feet! I helped with some trim work and then helped by handing Matt the needed utensils- roller, paper towel, brush, paint, etc :)
It was a little awkward painting up the stairs, but we got it done without any accidents or falls!
And then we had freshly painted stairs! Ironically it isn't the same color as the outside porches; but it is similar! The new color on the stairs really brightens the stairway hallway and the sunlight from a basement window dances around the hallway instead of being absorbed by the brown stairs.
Finished products!

We looked online for outdoor rugs, but they were super expensive and wasn't sure if I even would like them in real life! We went to the mall Sunday afternoon to pick up a few things after church and decided to see if we maybe Sears had rugs. They did and they weren't super expensive either!

So we are hopeful that the rugs will add a little protection to our newly painted porches.
Our al fresco dining area that we love so much!
And our entry!

Here's to an eventful home maintenance weekend- but a little less expensive than some of the previous tasks!

Friday, July 9, 2010

More photos of our KS baby shower

My wonderful sister-in-law Ginger is a photographer to see her site click here! She got some great shots, considering my parent's living room lighting is a little challenging.
So here are a few photos that caught some of the wonderful moments!
We had a string contest to see who had the right length of string to go around my belly! Matt did the official measurement and declared the official winner!
My precious niece Avery- she was such a good girl!
The fantastic cake and snacks! I love fresh fruit!!!

We were so blessed to see everyone who was able to come and visit!

We were so blessed with all the warm wishes, amazing gifts, and homemade blankets that are priceless!

I think she almost caught me about to tear up in this photo.

My sleeping baby niece Adylynn

It was such a wonderful day and we were so happy to see everyone!