Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy 2nd Halloween!

 A year ago we had an 11 day old baby on Halloween, this year we have a 1 yr old toddler! How the time flies!

Wyatt's friend Grant came over to celebrate his first Halloween. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trunk or Treat at St. Paul's UMC

Another post typed in Jan 2012....

Our church has Trunk or Treat each year. Usually it's held outside, hence Trunk or Treat; but this year it was too cold so the fun was moved to the indoors and it became Table or Treat - I guess that's what you would call it!

I had secretly snagged a second costume from a friend of mine just for this day. I knew it would be a hit and that Matt would get a kick out of it. Everyone at church loved Matt's "guitar". The costume is even the same color as the one he really plays on Sundays!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

1 yr old!

Wyatt turned 1 yr old on 10/20/2011. We got his 1 yr photos today 10/29/2011. It rained, snowed, and was not an ideal day for outdoor photos. Maybe next year we'll get to go outside.

By year one Wyatt is walking with assistance and taking a few steps on his own. A professional crawler, he can do laps around the living room and loves to explore. He is able to master going up the staircase with ease and loves to interact with anyone. Here are some of our favorites!

Give me a few more weeks and I will be walking like a pro!

Just want to eat up those cheeks and those eyes just make me melt!

going up the stairs!

I can reach the summit in seconds!

I'm cool like my dad!

My giraffe's 

My sweet little giraffe going up the stairs again :)

Playing peek a boo with daddy! Can you see the snow in the background?

I like your hat daddy.

Hmmm, can have your hat too?

What a difference a year makes! Our little man is growing so fast!
Thank you Diana for braving the October snowfall to come and shoot Wyatt's one year photos!  If you like Diana's work you can contact her at

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Glow at Hershey Gardens

Yet another post typed in Jan 2012

Every fall Hershey Garden's staff carve many pumpkins throughout the season to provide visitors with Pumpkin Glow. Everyone walks along the garden paths to different stops along the way for candy. Because we have a discovery pass- we get in free!  We bundled Wyatt up- Pjs and then his costume- he stayed nice and warm in his beco carrier! He is saying "thank you" by now, but when prompted after receiving candy he won't say it. Maybe it's because he knows he's not getting any of the candy this year. 

We got free FULL size Hershey candies- including a Hershey Chocolate Bar! 

Angry birds and someone's iphone taking the photo- how ironic.

It's a pumpkin tree!

Wyatt and daddy enjoying the night

Star Wars 
Matt laughed when we saw this one- we may need to recreate this one next year.

Wyatt must have seen something he liked. He has started the pointing phase. 

One last pumpkin display for our little pumpkin who is now 1 year and 1 day old!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Little One

One year ago today at 0324 we welcomed you into the world.

You are growing so fast and we love you so much.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Video of Wyatt's Birthday Party

I love the fact that Matt is so good at audiovisual stuff!

Wyatt- a year in photos!

Matt put a slide show together that played throughout the party. I can't believe it's been a year!

A Birthday Party for our Little Pumpkin!

Saturday October 8, 2011 we celebrated Wyatt's birthday a little early!

We rented the friendship hall and playground at our church, St. Paul's United Methodist Church for Wyatt's party. We could not have had better weather. Wyatt was ready to party, as he had been such a big boy and took a 2 hr 15min nap prior to his party! 
Happy Birthday to our Little Pumpkin!
Wyatt's cake was made at Giant in Etown and decorated by Ashley- she's awesome. We also purchased pumpkin cupcakes from Cathy Adams. She has been making cupcakes as a fundraiser for a family raising funds to adopt a little boy. 
Since he is so mobile, he spent a little time in his portable crib so we could set up the room! He loved his balloon!
The pumpkins are ready to be decorated!
Some of the artists
Pumpkin pinata! 

Run for the chocolate!

Getting ready for cake
First experience with cake and icing!

This pumpkin cupcake looks interesting....

Hmmm, I guess I will pose for a photo.
What happens if I turn it upside down?
Icing tastes good

It tastes really GOOD!
Mom took the candy pumpkin off, now I got this!

I really like this icing...

Forget table manners, I'm going for it!

I've been practicing with fruits and veggies for this!

They moved me inside so everyone else could enjoy the cake and I could finish mine.

Wyatt enjoyed trying to figure out what he was suppose to do with his gifts. We caught a few that he opened on the camera. His expressions are priceless.

g-paw Ron (a dear friend from church) had, in my opinion, the best wrapping job!
It was the perfect size for Wyatt to explore!
g-paw Ron's daughter knitted Wyatt a hat and mittens! 

Wyatt will learn about Recycling from  Parker

I think Wyatt will love trains!

Wyatt loves Karen
 After the party Karen had the idea to gather all the left over balloons for a photo op! I am so glad she thought of this- she got some awesome photos!

Two boys exploring

We said goodbye to the balloons to end the day

The day was such a special time and it went by so fast! We wish our families could be with us for this special day, but we were so blessed with our local friends and church family. A special thank you to all who were able to attend. Thank you so much to Karen and Lloyd who helped with set up, photography, clean up, and just being there for support.  We couldn't have done this without you. To our family, we could feel your thoughts and knew you were here in spirit!

With love,
Matt, Rebekah, and Wyatt