Saturday, October 29, 2011

1 yr old!

Wyatt turned 1 yr old on 10/20/2011. We got his 1 yr photos today 10/29/2011. It rained, snowed, and was not an ideal day for outdoor photos. Maybe next year we'll get to go outside.

By year one Wyatt is walking with assistance and taking a few steps on his own. A professional crawler, he can do laps around the living room and loves to explore. He is able to master going up the staircase with ease and loves to interact with anyone. Here are some of our favorites!

Give me a few more weeks and I will be walking like a pro!

Just want to eat up those cheeks and those eyes just make me melt!

going up the stairs!

I can reach the summit in seconds!

I'm cool like my dad!

My giraffe's 

My sweet little giraffe going up the stairs again :)

Playing peek a boo with daddy! Can you see the snow in the background?

I like your hat daddy.

Hmmm, can have your hat too?

What a difference a year makes! Our little man is growing so fast!
Thank you Diana for braving the October snowfall to come and shoot Wyatt's one year photos!  If you like Diana's work you can contact her at

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