Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter from Wyatt

Happy Easter from our home to yours!

Wyatt was wide awake for the whole Easter Service and then was out after church for our Easter family photo.

Wyatt's Easter Basket :)

Wyatt turned 6 months on 4/20 and now weighs 19lbs! In the last month he has learned how to sit tripod and then sit without assistance for a short amount of time, roll from back to front and front to back. Wyatt also is enjoying tummy time now, unlike earlier in his life.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Portable baby

I am by no means the expert in baby travel, but by age one Wyatt will have traveled by plane at least 3 times (he's already flown 2 of the 3 already) and has had a 6 hr round trip road trip and an overnight stay in a hotel already.

I have had a few people ask me for advice on my experiences so, I thought I would write it all down.

The no compromise item:

A car seat - either take with you, ship to your destination, or borrow one from a trusted friend/family member.

The first trip we borrowed my niece's infant car seat that was in storage. My sister-in-law dropped it off at my moms a few days before we flew in. My parent's car didn't have the latch system (their SUV was made a year or so before they put latch in every car). Matt, the expert, installed it in minutes.

The second trip we bought a carseat bag - matt carried it on his back. Our Chicco carseat and base fit in the bag without any problem. We gate checked it on our second trip, but I may check it for our third trip. I was told by a friend that had her car seat lost that the airport paid for a new carseat and they were on their way in 2 hrs. I wish I had kept the box to check it in. Another tip- keep your carseat box!

Okay for more items to add to your list :)

For baby- breast milk, formula, or medication there is not a limit on the fluids. When I flew home on our first trip I brought home pumped milk. In Wichita we went through security. I informed them I had breastmilk- I had to show them the bottles and take the lids off. The TSA agent took a cotton pad and held it over the bottles (didn't touch them) and then I put the lids back on. They tested the cotton pads (for explosives I'm guessing) and we were on our way.

TSA has a whole page on getting through security and flying with a baby. Check out the site here. You might want to check it out to know your rights and to know that gel/fluid filled teethers are not allowed on your carryon!

For the carryon I took a back pack and then carried Wyatt in a sling. We have not packed a stroller for any of our flight trips.

The first trip I carried Wyatt in a ring sling. I had a ring sling and a wrap. I love my wrap, but again security makes this difficult. To go through security you must remove the baby from the carrier and put the carrier on the xray machine belt. So after taking the baby out of the wrap, taking the wrap off, putting the wrap through the xray machine, carrying the baby through the the human xray with momma, having someone hold the baby while one puts on the wrap as well as all the other things and bags- a quick on and off sling is the way to go :) I used the balboa ring sling on our first flight.

We bought the Becco Butterfly 2 recently and love it! We use it all the time. It is so comfortable and Matt enjoys carrying Wyatt in it as well. With the Becco Butterfly 2 I can carry Wyatt in the front and carry the back pack without any difficulty.

What I pack for the diaper bag/back pack:

2-3 Burp cloths, 2 bibs, enough diapers to get you through a day or so (for Wyatt on the high side can be 10-14 diapers), his current favorite 2 toys with pacifier clips attached to them so I can attach them to his carrier and not worry about them falling on the ground, a blanket/quilt (if there's a long layover so he can stretch out.

I received a great tip from a fellow mom for our first trip and I have used it ever since.

Take a 1-2 gallon size zip lock bag. Put all your needed items for a diaper change (minus diaper rash cream- you can either add that to the bag after going through security or just go without until you arrive at your destination). I use a quart size zip lock bag and fill it with wipes (also I have one of those portable wipe holders filled and in the bottom of my bag) and put that in the gallon size bag along with 3 diapers, a sleeper, wet ones wipes- the disinfecting wipes to wipe down a changing table or anything else that seems questionable (there's no limit on the amount of disinfecting wipes like there is on liquid hand sanitizer), and sassy or arm and hammer scented baggies. The scented bags are great for disposing of stinky diapers in public places as well as a place to put dirty clothes if they are sacrificed due to a blowout. Just make sure you throw away the diaper and not the clothes! Been there, done that :)

On the subject of blowouts- packing 3-5 sleepers in your carryon as instead of extra onesies, pants, and socks. The all-in-one is the way to go and the best advice I got from a friend of mine who has twin boys. From the car, through security, on the one way flight and landing her boys went through 4 and 5 sleepers each! Wyatt thankfully has not had any blowouts while traveling- but he sure has gotten close! Though he doesn't have any issues having blowouts on other occasions.

I also pack my breast pump motor, breast pads as well as a change of clothes for myself just in case a blowout occurs and I need to change too.

By the way- did you know that the restroom on the plane actually has a changing table? Who knew! When you walk in look above the toilet- it's there! Be aware that once you lie the table down there's not much room to work with- that's why the quick-grab bag is great! Plus, Wyatt was able to stretch out a bit- something we all need unless you have the funds for first class!

What I pack in my checked bag along with my stuff:

A package of wipes

6-8 outfits (as long as laundry facilities are available)

baby monitor

Pump accessories

What to ship: Diapers!

One word: AmazonMom!
Look into and look into amazon mom- super discounts are to be found!
Ship diapers to your destination or buy them when you get there.

What to borrow:

When we arrived to Wtown we borrowed a pack N play, a playmat and a bouncer. Wyatt's favorite thing before 12 weeks was his bouncer and his playmat.

We haven't flown with it yet, but we will be taking his bjorn travel crib on the plane on our next trip. He loved napping in the bassinet of his pack N play, but the floor of the pack N play is too hard and Wyatt will not sleep, nap or really even tolerate lying in the pack N play now. He does enjoy his travel bed.

If there is one bit of advice I can give it is: don't be afraid to ask for help, go with your gut/mommy instinct, just smile at anyone who gives you any looks (good or bad), and JUST ENJOY THE RIDE :)

Hope this helps for other traveling moms! If anyone has any more ideas, suggestions, or funny stories about travel with babies please comment! The more ideas and experience the better!

In the winter time a coat works as a blanket waiting for a connecting flight!

Wyatt's first flight ever! Just a note- you are not to wear a sling/carrier during take off or landing.

Wyatt's first stay in a hotel- Our first road trip for an over night in D.C. Matt had meetings on "the hill." We had hoped to hang out in D.C. for awhile, but the weather didn't cooperate :(
Wyatt enjoyed his travel bed and the make shift playmat with links! Kept him entertained long enough for me to get ready in the morning!

Happy traveling with the portable baby!