Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thinking about PA and Key West!

Prices dropping!!! Matt just got an email from a realtor in PA with houses falling into our price range and lower!!! Though most of them are in Lancaster we are waiting in anticipation for JUNE!  

I have to give a shout out to my father-in-law and thank him for letting us use some of his sky miles for our flight plans!  We will be staying in PA for 6 nights! Matt is hoping we find a house within the first few days with an accepted offer so he can take me to NYC!  It's crazy- to get from E-town to NYC is so affordable and is only a 3 hr train ride!!! We can go to time square, visit a few places, have dinner, and ride the train back to E-Town!!! Matt really wants to take me to NYC since I have never been and he has (he went to the NCTE conference there in 2007).

Personally I am excited about the fact that you can fly directly from Philadelphia to Key West - NO STOPS!!! I am missing the Florida sun; so here are a few photos to relive some of that Florida Sun!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Austin, never forgotten

I recently had to change cell phones due to a microphone issue. I went back to an older phone that I had and moved all the photos onto iphoto. The photos on the older phone depict Austin's stay with us. I didn't have a digital camera, so I used my phone all the time.

Austin came to our home in January 2006, we adopted him from the KS Humane Society and had him in our lives for a year. Austin was approximately 9 yrs old when we brought him home.

Austin was such a good playmate for Regan and sleepmate for NeoTech. Austin loved playing tug-of-war, snuggling, and sleeping. He was over 80lbs and thought he was a lap dog!

When we brought Austin home we discovered within the week that he had kennel cough.  We did not see his anxiety come through until a month after having him.  We strived to give him a stable home and tried to crate train him- but he would have anxiety attacks.

German Shorthair pointers are prone to separation anxiety and when they get it, they get it bad!  We took him to the Vet and tried everything we could afford; including meds that cost $150/month.  We worked with Austin for 1 year; but were unable to keep him. I tried to get him into a rescue facility- but that was unsuccessful. 

In the end, we had to take him back to the KS Humane Society. Though we were unable to care for him for the remainder of his life- we know we gave him the best year we could. 

He will never be forgotten! 

If I ever "come into money" I would like to start my own rescue OR start a fund named: Austin's Haven to support rescues that take in German Shorthair pointers. Rescues need funding. When we lived in Wichita, KS we would always take time to donate supplies and well as donate to Woofstock.  I am so sad that we were unable to keep Austin; but I am so grateful for the KS Humane Society and other foundations that help support German Shorthair pointers and other animals.

After starting a family; I would really like to consider fostering German Shorthair pointers - if I can talk Matt into it!  :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow is fine as long as the sun is out to melt it!

I am not sure how much snow Manhattan received officially- I can say that at our apt we got at least 4-5 inches. A friend from work who lives in the country said they received a foot of snow and had drifts that went up to her waist and higher (which is significant since she is probably 5'7"). 

All I know is that I could not resist going for a walk with Regan this afternoon with the temp being over 45' and the sun shining.  We walked just over a mile- I was wearing my snow boots instead of my sneakers. Regan loves walks and is getting better at walking on a leash- thank goodness!

Friday, March 27, 2009

The MoTown City has it goin' on

We landed in Detroit from KCI.

Traveling from one concourse to the next we got to experience a fantastic music concert- and we traveled it three times!  We left one concourse to get to the next to find our gate, then we realized we had time to eat lunch so we went back through the musical tunnel had sushi and enjoyed another music concert as we headed back to our gate to go to Lancaster!  

As you walk through the tunnel the lights beat to the music and change colors- it is such a wonderful de-stressor as one travels in airports. It was such an amazing experience!  

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here's the story of 2 Kansans who House hunted in PA

A couple left Kansas on friday to start an adventure. They arrived in Elizabethtown for Matt to visit new friends and sign a few papers to start the paperwork of getting a professional salary instead of a graduate teaching assistant salary!  The couple also became thrilled when they found out there is not just one, but two Indian restaurants in Lancaster, PA!  

After leaving Elizabethtown MattBek headed to their dwellings for the weekend: the Oflaherty's Dingeldein House. They stayed in the Red Rose Room in the carriage house and had such an amazing and restful stay.  Dave and Gerry are wonderful hosts and fantastic cooks. Breakfast was at 0830 in the morning and it was so yummy!

Once settled in the room it was time for a freshen up time before Rebekah went to meet with the assistant nurse manager for labor and delivery at the Woman's and Babies Hospital in Lancaster. Rebekah felt it went well and is looking forward to what may be a new job opportunity! 

After a whole day of traveling and interaction with new opportunities and people, Matt took Bek to a favorite restaurant; The Olive Garden near the huge Park City Center and then had dessert at Cold Stone Creamery! After this eventful day, it was time for a nice warm bath and a restful sleep!

Saturday morning breakfast was a banana yogurt granola dish as a starter. The main breakfast  was a german pancake with baked apples inside and turkey sausage- so yummy!  The breakfast gave us the energy to meet with Lisa and see over 15 houses in one day!

Saturday evening MattBek met up with new friends from Elizabethtown College and enjoyed an Indian meal that was so fantastic! The food was wonderful and the conversations were encouraging!

Sunday morning breakfast was a baked pineapple with coconut ice cream as a starter! The main breakfast dish was a potato dish and a strata that was so yummy! Matt took a nap after breakfast. MattBek headed out around 1100 to drive by a house that was seen on Saturday and then met with Lisa at the first showing of the day.  After seeing a few houses MattBek thought they had found a house that was worthy of an offer. They went on the day to see a few more showings, but ended up going to back the Worthy house!  

By the end of the evening they had put in an fair offer on a house they believed was an unblemished house.

Monday Morning the Kansans had to leave PA and arrived in Manhattan by 3PM!  That afternoon the MattBek team found out that the very fair offer they gave on the unblemished house actually had an issue with termites last October!  Later Monday evening they found out that their offer had been accepted.  

Tuesday was the day that MattBek had to decided what they were going to do. Bek really like the house, but realized this was probably not their house at the offered price.  MattBek countered with a lower price offer and there offer was not accepted.  

MattBek had a wonderful experience while in PA and learned a lot about the area. From the experience of putting in an offer they also know they can get approved for a certain amount and are looking forward to house hunting later in the summer! 

MattBek are excited to know they have plenty of time and that the market can only get better for them!

Bek has agreed not to spend hours of time on realtor.com so there may be more posts on Bek Life!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting closer

Well, it has been nearly 1/2 month since I actually posted something.  We are counting down the days until we go house hunting; it is just over a week away! While we are house hunting I will also be meeting with the ANM of the Woman's and Babies Hospital for an interview! The ANM cannot guarantee me a position/hours; but since I have shown interest the ANM is wanting to meet with me! 

Keep us in your prayers! We are praying that God continues to guide us, and to not let us get in the way of His plans. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So a document came in the mail yesterday. This document means there are no more excuses not to apply for jobs in Pennsylvania! I have been working on updating my resume and cover letter with the help of Mr. Red Pen (aka Matt).  

After editing my paperwork I started the application process online at Lancaster General Hospital. I was so excited when I searched last night and found openings in Labor/Delivery and NICU!!!  So I applied for them. This morning I saw a 3p-11:30PM full time position in Labor/Delivery (this is my ideal shift) and tried to apply for it. The wonderful computer system said I had already applied for a LDRP RN position! Of course I did, but the first position was a day shift- not an evening shift! So I called the HR person, C, and we spoke about my preferences and the hours I would like. C reported that S (another HR person) was actually headed of to Women's & Babies' in the next 10 minutes to discuss what positions were available!  

So below is my official Pennsylvania Nursing License! YEAH!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Fresh Start...

To answer White Hot Magic

The butterfly was of a paper material with maybe a little polymer of some sort.

The Fresh Start for Matt & I is getting closer.  We will be house hunting in PA in just over 2 weeks! I think that is when it will become real.  The end of July/first part of August is when we think we would like to move. I am sure there will be more to write about once we step over the thresholds of the houses in PA.

How's the packing going?

In response to Jen & Ryan's question:

Well I am awaiting for the official day when Kansas weather decides to be spring and not winter so I can pack big, bulky sweaters and coats! 
This week we started the week with 17* but by the end of the week it is suppose to be in the 60s. For some reason though I don't believe this is the week! I feel like the month of March is like the labor pains of change for Kansas. Both years I went to prom I was picking out me dress over spring break walking in snow!  The greatest part of March in Wichita is it does start turning in to spring, in Manhattan it seems to take until Mid-late April! Ugh! And to top things off my first year in Manhattan it snowed the second week of April!

So back to packing....I think I am at those labor pains too. I have packed away so much, but am at a stand still for a few weeks. We have 5 bowls, 5 salad plates, and 5 dinner plates that are unpacked (the means less dirty dishes in the sink!) and 2 glasses,  4 coffee mugs, plus Matt's 5 or 6 plastic cups. We eat at home so much, that I haven't been able to pack a lot of kitchen stuff; but all the china, the rest of the dishware and glassware, and my sentimental fragile stuff is packed and ready to find a new home!

With the packing we are also de-cluttering. If we haven't used it in the last 2 years we have been here-WE DON'T NEED IT!!!- including clothes! We have a recycling center in Manhattan that takes clothes. I know it is a resource people use; because I have seen it! 

So that's "how the packing is going"  Slow but consistent....