Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow is fine as long as the sun is out to melt it!

I am not sure how much snow Manhattan received officially- I can say that at our apt we got at least 4-5 inches. A friend from work who lives in the country said they received a foot of snow and had drifts that went up to her waist and higher (which is significant since she is probably 5'7"). 

All I know is that I could not resist going for a walk with Regan this afternoon with the temp being over 45' and the sun shining.  We walked just over a mile- I was wearing my snow boots instead of my sneakers. Regan loves walks and is getting better at walking on a leash- thank goodness!

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Jen said...

We went for a walk yesterday, too. Nearly all of the snow out our way is gone...
I am so grateful for that last little taste of winter!