Friday, March 27, 2009

The MoTown City has it goin' on

We landed in Detroit from KCI.

Traveling from one concourse to the next we got to experience a fantastic music concert- and we traveled it three times!  We left one concourse to get to the next to find our gate, then we realized we had time to eat lunch so we went back through the musical tunnel had sushi and enjoyed another music concert as we headed back to our gate to go to Lancaster!  

As you walk through the tunnel the lights beat to the music and change colors- it is such a wonderful de-stressor as one travels in airports. It was such an amazing experience!  


Ginger said...

Joe and I love the Detroit airport for that very reason! We have similar pics, too :)

Joe Skillen said...

The International part of Detroit is cool as well. Plus, they have the best hockey team in Detroit as well.

Becca said...

How cool is that!

Jen said...

That is really neat! When I come and visit you remind me to make a connection in Detroit! :)