Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First time at the ocean March 10, 2010

Rather than try to play catch up over the past two months, I figured I would just start where we are. Wyatt's baby book, unlike this blog is up to date :). Wyatt is 5 months old now and on Tuesday weighed in at 18lbs 1 oz!!! Yikes- my whole body gets a work out just from lifting him!

I went back to work February 2nd, two nights per week, but in a different unit. I transferred to the Medical Intermediate Care Unit - still at Hershey. I have met some great people there and am enjoying the unit.

Matt is finishing up the spring semester at Etown College and making plans for summer school as well as being part of the Capital Area Writing Project along with all his other "professor" stuff. :)

We were able to plan a mini vacation between my work schedule over Matt's spring break.

Wyatt experienced Florida and got to see his Florida family again. He loved every minute of it and loved being held by all of his family!

While we were there Grandpa Lynn took Wyatt to see the ocean for the first time!

Wyatt loved squishing his toes in the sand.

But for most of the time (since he's too young for sunscreen) momma and Wyatt stayed under the umbrella that Grandpa Lynn rented for us.

He made some funny faces while I tried taking our pictures by myself. He looks so serious in this photo, but I think he was making raspberry kisses. He had started that trick a few days before we got to Florida.
Grandpa Lynn came over to get some shade. It was so sunny and beautiful while we were at the beach. Right as we left and ducked in to get some lunch a major rain shower occurred! After lunch, it was sunny again! Could not have asked for a better day at the beach!
After hanging out in the shade Wyatt went to the waves for a few minutes to experience the water.
The first wave caused a delayed reaction of a pout and a cry, but after we told him it was okay and the second wave came he was enjoying himself and the squishy sand!

We bought sunglasses for Wyatt after being at the beach. It was too windy to keep his hat on and the poor guy was squinting with it being so sunny.

We loved our visit to the beach and can't wait to do it again. I am looking forward to making sand castles with Wyatt next time!