Sunday, July 26, 2009

A 30 hour trip back home!

The drive to PA was suppose to be the long part of the trip, right?

Well, not the case on our last trip!

The closing on our house went so smooth and from my perspective the interview went well (won't know for a couple of weeks).

We got on the train at Etown into Philly without any issues. The Septa train from Philly to the airport became interesting- a 20 minute train ride turned into a 40 minute one because someone on the train went a little crazy when asked for her $7 fair!!! We thought if we made it to the airport early, we might be able to get on the earlier flight- we didn't make it....

The plane was about 10-15 minutes late arriving, so needless to say our boarding of the plane was 15 minutes late. Oh, and someone had mistakenly deleted the manifest- which meant that they had to write the list manually....needless to say we pulled away from the gate approx 45 minutes late.

Then, we sat on the runway for approx 3 hrs! In the last part of those 3 hours, a woman began coughing as the exhaust fumes from a plane in front of us started lingering into our plane via the air conditioning vents. The oxygen had to be used. We were also informed that the rain (Matt and I were hoping to get the earlier flight because we knew the rain was coming) was coming and we were the 40th plane. Then it was time to go back to the gate, because the oxygen had been used, and all they had given us on the plane were beverages- not even pretzels!!! :)

We deplaned and met some wonderful people, grabbed dinner from the bistro that was still opened, and found out that we would be sleeping in the Atlanta hotel--- I mean Atlanta AIRPORT!!! We left Philly at approx 2330 (11:30PM).

We arrived in the Atlanta airport just before 2 AM!!! We decided that there was no point in leaving the airport because we would have enough time to find a hotel, find transportation, take a shower, and lie flat for less than an hour so we stayed in the airport. Matt stayed awake while watching tv on and I tried to get some sleep from 0200- 0500.

At 0500 we brushed our teeth, washed our faces, and tried to make our bodies try to "reset" to believe that we were starting a new day (even though we had been up since 0600 on Friday)!

We did upgrade our tickets to business class to try to get some sleep (no- this is not becoming a habit). Matt plugged his headphones into the XM radio port and was "out" even before we pulled away from the gate. We both slept fairly well during the 2 hr flight.

Matt said he felt wide awake when we arrived at the Parking spot and felt he could drive the 2 hours to Manhattan, KS. We picked up Regan from Doggy Day Care and arrived home at noon! Showers, cuddle time with Regan, and then a nap from 1300-1730 (1pm-5:30pm). We woke up had dinner with friends, and then went back to sleep!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What a 19 hour day looks like....

A stop in KS for breakfast, lunch in Indiana, dinner and a walk down memory lane for Matt in Ohio, and a comfy bed in West Virginia!

We made a few stops to stretch, we spent an hour in Indiana to send final paperwork to our broker and then we spent a couple of hours in Columbus, OH to see Matt's old stompin' ground!

Now it's time to get a good night's sleep, drive 4 more hours, and then close on our house!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A little bit of a break from the computer...

We packed the desktop computer last night! Yikes! That means limited time on Matt's laptop and limited photos until we move into our new home!

There may be a few posts before the big move is over. Thank you so much for all your support during this transition.

I promise to post photos of our house when we have our furniture in it and not the current owners' stuff :)

See you soon!


Friday, July 17, 2009

WOW- it's really going to happen!

Today starts a weekend of good-byes, see ya laters, and hopes for the future. We have our first Send Off Party in Manhattan this evening. Then it is on to W-Town to see family and celebrate our God Son's Birthday. After the weekend I will work my last shift and then we drive to Elizabethtown to sign our paperwork to close on the house (we got the email that we are cleared to close yesterday! Praise God!). We fly back before the weekend and then Matt defends on Monday July 27th! We have our apartment check out on the 30th and then we set our sights on E-Town.

It seemed like July would never get here, and then it seemed like the weekend with Jen would never get here. Then I didn't want the weekend with Jen to end; because I knew as soon as we drove back into Manhattan, KS that the days were going to zoom right past me and they are!

I spoke with my boss yesterday and couldn't believe that it truly had been 2 years! I know I have learned a lot in the ER dept; but it truly feels like just yesterday I was calling him letting him now I could start earlier than planned. It feels like just yesterday we moved into this tiny apartment with our Kiker, NeoTech, and Regan and realized how much stuff we really had. It feels like just yesterday Matt was trying to brainstorm what topic he really wanted to pursue for research.

WOW- it really is happening. It is so bittersweet. We made a decision that even though we would only be in Manhattan for 2 years; that we would pursue friendships and not just acquaintances. We have made such special, fantastic friends here, some that I know will last a lifetime.

So, to any Manhattanite friends; you have truly blessed us! And if you are ever in the E-Town area- give us a ring- we will take you to Rita's for one amazing dessert experience! - it's like Tad's on steroids! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Checking out Regalia!

Matt wanted to show me what his robes will look like for graduation in December!

He won't have it for the opening ceremonies at E-Town, but he will have it for his graduation in December. After that he will wear it at least twice a year if not more!

It's almost like buying a business suit, all the different fabric choices (there are at least 6-8 options), the piping choices, the length of the garment, 4,6,8 corner hat, and tassel type (metallic or silky). It has been quite a fun learning experience.

History shows that professors used to wear their regalia when they taught. Doubt Matt will do that, but you never know :)

The one with dark blue stripes is the one for a doctorate of philosophy and is the one he will be wearing!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The document has been turned in!

I arrived from Colorado at approx 3:30 PM on Monday afternoon. Matt had his dissertation ready to hand out to 5 different people - I think. He was a good sport when he saw me whip out my camera as we arrived.

Dr. F. Todd Goodson was in his office so Matt was able to give his professor the big huge document in person!

It's over with and done with. The professors on the board will review Matt's dissertation and hopefully will not have too many issues to correct after his defense on Monday July 27th!

The last few days have been really weird since Matt has not been glued to his laptop re-reading his work or reading articles on his Kimble for research. We have had some special time together just hangin' out.

Thank you all for all your love and support throughout this 2 year journey in Manhattan, KS. We have truly enjoyed our time in the Little Apple, but our excited for new adventure in Elizabethtown, PA.

Please continue with your prayers as we "sign our life away" next week on our house in PA. We are awaiting to hear final word that all our paperwork is good to go so there are no "hiccups" in the process!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cabin Fever- Or NOT!

About 2 years ago I met a fantastic, wonderful, kind person at the ER dept in Manhattan, KS. For some crazy reason we hit it off instantly! After traveling with her in November I knew I had made a friend for life. In November we planned a trip for July 2009 so that we could have one last girls' weekend before Matt & I relocated to Pennsylvania.

Jen and I had a blast staying at my parents' Cabin in Custer County, Colorado. Here are a few shots from my camera. We are meeting for dessert and a puppy play date tonight to exchange photos!

Sanctuary- SilverCliff, Colorado - a hint of what Heaven might be like!

A storm was rolling in, so the Sangre de Cristo mountain range is slightly obscured by clouds, but what a view!

Hi Jen! I was so honored to have this trip with her!

The theater is a movie theater and also has plays/concerts. One movie is shown at 7:30 PM on Friday and Saturday only! Star Trek will show this weekend, we watch Up while we were there. What a precious movie!

My sweet friend bought me some yummy smelling lotion while at the Farmer's Market!

Bishop's Castle- a work in process by one man that started in the 1960's and still is not completed. See the sphere- I went up that tower- Jen was such a good sport!

Halfway up the tower we stopped for a photo!

We also visited Springtime Farms- a farm that is off grid (meaning it has solar panels, a wind generator, and does not have public electric) that has goats, chickens, puppy dogs, and ALPACAs!
We met the owner at the Farmer's Market who offered tours of the farm during the summer. The alpacas are sheared once a year for their fiber. The owner spins the fiber and makes super soft fiber hats, scarves, and pet beds. The owner also milks the goats to make goat cheese.
We went on a walk around the neighborhood (which is more like a hike). On our way up the driveway to Sanctuary we saw we had a visitor watching us making our trek up the hill.
Our last meal was so special and SOOOOOO yummy! We couldn't resist taking a snapshot with the sunflowers at our table!

Thank you Jen for such wonderful memories that I will cherish in my heart forever!
Oh- and thanks for talking 8-9 hours straight so I stayed awake at the wheel to and from Colorado!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fingers crossed for a good interview!

I have an interview for the Emergency Dept at Hershey Med Center on Friday July 24 at 0800! Please send me your prayers, as I would love to have this position!

God continues to direct our paths as we continue on this transition.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We have a "checking out" date

We have made an appt with our apartment manager to check out! For now we are continuing the packing as well as doing some touch up painting to the walls. We enjoyed curtains and artwork on the walls; so that meant getting out the putty knife and paint!

Last week Matt filled all the holes and sanded them down. Earlier this week he did some touch up. Once the movers come and we have the apartment empty we will do our final touch up on the walls!

As the ticker above indicates- the moving date is getting closer each day!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rest is important!

There have been a few late nights and early mornings with Matt editing his dissertation and reading article after article which means; afternoon naps. There have been a few special afternoons where I am awake and everyone else in this house is napping. I have been honored to capture a few of these moments.

I am so blessed that these two kittens enjoy being in the same room together, let alone cuddling! We adopted Kiker at age 3 and NeoTech at age 5.5 months - we only hoped they would put up with each other; we never expected them to get along so well!

Regan and NeoTech have a very unique relationship.

Kiker is ready to travel! When we don't see Kiker around we always check her favorite place. She loves this blanket!

NeoTech has some very flexible sleeping habits!

A late, sunny afternoon is the perfect time to get some shuteye!

Rest is important and naps are great!

Where is your favorite place to nap?

Regan's is the couch
Kiker's is the green travel kennel
Matt's is a made bed or the couch
NeoTech's is really anywhere

I personally can't wait to be at our new home resting on the porch swing!