Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rest is important!

There have been a few late nights and early mornings with Matt editing his dissertation and reading article after article which means; afternoon naps. There have been a few special afternoons where I am awake and everyone else in this house is napping. I have been honored to capture a few of these moments.

I am so blessed that these two kittens enjoy being in the same room together, let alone cuddling! We adopted Kiker at age 3 and NeoTech at age 5.5 months - we only hoped they would put up with each other; we never expected them to get along so well!

Regan and NeoTech have a very unique relationship.

Kiker is ready to travel! When we don't see Kiker around we always check her favorite place. She loves this blanket!

NeoTech has some very flexible sleeping habits!

A late, sunny afternoon is the perfect time to get some shuteye!

Rest is important and naps are great!

Where is your favorite place to nap?

Regan's is the couch
Kiker's is the green travel kennel
Matt's is a made bed or the couch
NeoTech's is really anywhere

I personally can't wait to be at our new home resting on the porch swing!

1 comment:

Becca said...

The sofa, because it reclines.
Bed, because it is king size and there is room to have my own space.
Recliner in the office. Something about spending time with the hubs while he works puts me to sleep!