Monday, June 29, 2009

A fun day with friends!

C & J with baby girl S are not going to be able to come to our Send Off Party :( ; So they came up to Manhattan to on Saturday for a visit! Baby girl S is almost 18 months and is now growing hair! She wanted to be in my arms all day- which is a big deal! She has let me hold her before; but not all day! We ran some errands together at Best Buy, Hastings, and the mall. Then we cooled off at our apt. Baby girl S was ready to eat, so we went to Los Cocos for a wonderful dinner! The evening ended with visit to Tad's for hawaiian snow! - the first place C & J took us to for dessert almost 2 years ago!

We are so blessed to have such great friends! Though Baby girl S is truly a Daddy's girl, my send off gift was that I got to hold her all day! She even went to Matt- which again is another huge deal! C & J were some of the first people that we spent time with when we first moved to Manhattan; then they moved an hour away :( We are crossing our fingers that they are able to come and visit us in PA!

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