Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lancaster Barnstomers

Another post typed in Jan 2012...

We got invited to celebrate Patrick receiving an Unsung Hero Award, by getting to watch a Lancaster Barnstormer game from a sky box complete with soda and food. We've had a pretty cold fall, so Wyatt and myself watched most of the game from inside "the box". 

Patrick is the worship leader's son and is interested in pursuing a career in sound so naturally they have had a lot to talk about. 

The boys watching the game outside while the sun is still out. Once it went behind the clouds Wyatt and I went inside.

Wyatt meeting the Barnstormer mascot

 Congrats Patrick, make sure to put this down on your college application!

Monday, June 13, 2011

One of our first of many outings to Hershey Park

Again, another post catch up completed in Jan 2012.

We did the math and looking at getting a pool pass was going to cost us almost the same amount as Hershey Park passes and the pool pass would only be good for the summer season....hmmm sounds like Hershey pass is the better deal! We also have the discovery pass so we get in to the Hershey Story and the Hershey Gardens free as well as 15% off at Cafe' Zooka. 

The entrance to the park with our Passes!

Ready to check out the park!
 We walked around the park and enjoyed the weather. With Wyatt only being 8 months old we don't ride on too many rides, but walking the park is a lot of fun too! 

We are able to go on the Kissing Tower, which has turned out to be one of Wyatt's favorite rides.

Near the kissing tower there was a Hershey Kiss! Wyatt had to go over and say "hi!"

Wyatt gets a kiss on the Kissing Tower from daddy

Some of the views from the Kissing Tower

Another kiss

Kisses from momma!

We also rode the antique cars. 

Daddy drove while Wyatt and momma rode as backseat drivers :)