Friday, August 24, 2012

Has it really been almost 2 yrs?!?!?!?

Wait, what, where has the time gone?

 This time in 2010 we were excited, anxious, scared, elated, and naive! This year it is the time to reflect and think about celebrating a second year with an amazing little boy who is working on his role as becoming a big brother (Lord willing!). 

I am so blown away on all the changes we have experienced- physically, socially (yes, it happens), emotionally, and spiritually. Wyatt is growing, Matt has lost 40 plus pounds, and I was close to my pre-pregnancy weight and then after a few months we found out Wyatt would be a big brother come 12/1/12!  We don't have a young married couple social calendar anymore. We do have date nights; but we have more family trips out to Hershey to the park, gardens, chocolate world, Hershey Story, museums around the area, and just outside playing. Our emotions go up and down as we all learn each new phase of toddlerhood- I'm currently reading The Happiest Toddler on the Block and learning even more about how to communicate with my boy!  Bringing a child into this world has opened my eyes even more to God's love of His children. I know life hasn't been the same since Wyatt entered our lives and life is about to change even more in the next 3.5 months. And I am so excited and to be honest a little nervous how we are going to balance our lives; but it will happen. :)

In late August, early September 2010 we picked out one boy and one girl outfit. I can't wait to pick out two new outfits for Baby Key Lime! 

On Sept 25, 2010; the day before my 30th birthday we had maternity photos taken. It was so amazing to start taking photos of our soon to be family of three! Becoming new parents has been the best and scariest time of our lives. I remember when we were taking these photos that I couldn't believe we were going to have a baby- and now I can't believe we are doing it again! We are planning to have maternity photos of our potential family of 4 come early November!

Fast forward almost 2 years later and I am making plans for a 2 yr birthday party! School starts on Monday for Matt- but he's already been teaching at bridge program last week and the beginning of this week, meetings, and writing articles/updating everything for his mid tenure review oh and we are preparing for Baby Key Lime so I decided late August would be a good time to order the invitations. 

Wyatt loves the butterfly house and The Hershey Gardens.

My little guy loves the owl sculpture.

What does an owl say, Wyatt? "Hoo hoo!"