Tuesday, May 31, 2011

6 months photos!

I am almost a month behind! Wyatt had 6 month photos right around Easter. Here are some favorites from his photo shoot by Diana Robinson:

These photos were taken right around 6 months. Wyatt was drooling like crazy and right before he turned 7 months his first tooth began to break through! Ah, the joys of teething!

Hangin' with daddy

Meeting Mr.Giraffe
Gotta love photo shop- I was behind the giraffe holding Wyatt up.

I just love this grin!
Time with momma

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The circus came to town....to Hershey Giant Center that is

Happy that the Circus had an afternoon show- with Wyatt's current nap schedule this worked for us!  We enjoyed our little walk over the bridge to the Giant Center.  7 month's old and ready for his first circus!

We went in May, this post was actually typed in Jan 2012!

Love a man that wears a baby! Saves my healing back and he looks so good wearing Wyatt! 

crossing the bridge

We decided not to go to the early show outside, it was very warm. A little too warm for Mr. Wyatt.

We bought our tickets and stayed inside the air conditioning until they opened the doors.

Wyatt wore his elephant outfit for the circus. I just love his sun hat- kept him sunburn free the whole summer. (I can say that because I am writing this post in Jan 2012!)

Before the start of the show we got to go on the floor and check out some of the acts close up.

Wyatt meets his first clown- we think he looked like Pop Eye.
Wyatt really liked the clowns. I've never had a fear of clowns; but I know others do. Hopefully Wyatt will not be afraid of clowns. :)

The show had a lot of music and lights! 

Wyatt made it through most of the show and then it was nap time in the baby carrier while mom and dad enjoyed the rest of the show and some cotton candy!

Friday, May 27, 2011

A visit from Gp Lynn

Just before Memorial Day weekend, Matt's dad Lynn was able to stop by on a business trip. We were so glad to spend the afternoon and dinner with Grandpa.

One of our favorite restaurants, Harvest at Hotel Hershey!

 After dinner, had to capture a generation photo. 

again...another post catch up that was complete in Jan 2012

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sedgwick Co. Zoo

If there is one place in Wichita I truly miss, it's the zoo. I have so many memories at this zoo from annual school trips (including the one where my mother provided tough love to a student who didn't listen to her as she was on of the first grade chaperones) to being a junior zoo keeper and then graduating to the Zoo Crew to dressing up as a komodo dragon at Zoobilee every year during high school to working in the Farms with the Zoo keepers to working in concessions and getting paid!

I have so many fond memories of growing up at the zoo. I even knew the "real" names of many of the animals.  Since I visited the chimpanzees every day on my lunch break during the summer months Marbles, a very old chimpanzee who has since past away, would give me a kiss through the glass. 

The Sedgwick Co. Zoo has always been an amazing place of learning. They have so many learning activities and classes throughout the year. I am very sad that I won't be able to take Wyatt to this zoo on a regular basis since we live 1300 miles away, but we will be taking every opportunity to visit when we are in town. We do have a free access to Zoo America at Hershey with our season passes; but nothing compares to the childhood memories at my zoo.  

On our trip to Wtown it has been very cold for May! But today the sun came out and we took the opportunity to meet Jojo and AdyJo at The Zoo!

The Jungle Exhibit- a childhood favorite including vampire bats in a cave and piranhas! And sometimes the komodo dragon! A few of my favorites! - no seriously! I love going in the cave and looking at the bats! 

I think it was 1995 and the zoo announced they would have penguins by 2012! I thought that was so far away! And then they came 2 yrs early!!! It was so much fun to watch them swim.  

Watching the bison and the Mt. Lion

The newest exhibit- the Tiger's new home!!! Their old exhibit was small and you never could see them, that's not the case anymore!

We love the newer lion exhibit too!

The giraffes were out having fun!

There were two baby giraffes too!

One of the best chimpanzee exhibits in my opinion - it has air conditioning!

Hello Orangutan sculptures :) There are many sculptures throughout the zoo! Next year we will most likely get a few photos with Wyatt climbing on them.

Here's to next year!