Saturday, May 28, 2011

The circus came to Hershey Giant Center that is

Happy that the Circus had an afternoon show- with Wyatt's current nap schedule this worked for us!  We enjoyed our little walk over the bridge to the Giant Center.  7 month's old and ready for his first circus!

We went in May, this post was actually typed in Jan 2012!

Love a man that wears a baby! Saves my healing back and he looks so good wearing Wyatt! 

crossing the bridge

We decided not to go to the early show outside, it was very warm. A little too warm for Mr. Wyatt.

We bought our tickets and stayed inside the air conditioning until they opened the doors.

Wyatt wore his elephant outfit for the circus. I just love his sun hat- kept him sunburn free the whole summer. (I can say that because I am writing this post in Jan 2012!)

Before the start of the show we got to go on the floor and check out some of the acts close up.

Wyatt meets his first clown- we think he looked like Pop Eye.
Wyatt really liked the clowns. I've never had a fear of clowns; but I know others do. Hopefully Wyatt will not be afraid of clowns. :)

The show had a lot of music and lights! 

Wyatt made it through most of the show and then it was nap time in the baby carrier while mom and dad enjoyed the rest of the show and some cotton candy!

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