Monday, September 20, 2010

Carseat bases are in!

Considering that I will be 35 wks pregnant this Saturday we thought we should at least try to install the carseat bases in both cars. Will have to make an appt to get them checked; but at least they are out of the boxes and in the cars- that's a start right? The Chicco is said to be one of the easiest carseats to install and we think is was very easy to put them in.
There is a little more room in the Explorer when the carseat is in it's base compared to the focus. But we think they are both install as best as we can right now. Sure the experts can get the bases even more snug- we will have to see.
We are ready to go in the focus too!

The "bubble" has a sun shade as well as a netting that goes all the way around the carseat. A dear friend of mine Susan, who has triplets used netting to allow people to see her babies; but no touching unless she okayed it. Considering Baby Skill-it will arrive just as flu season is in full swing- I will be taking the advice of Susan to try to keep Baby Skill-it healthy this winter. With a lot of good hand washing from us and others who want to hold Baby Skill-it I hope we can get through this winter without any severe illnesses :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

33 wks 5 days

So for our 34 wk check up everything is looking good. Baby is head down- very grateful! This little one is not staying consistent- the heart beat today was 155 bpm with lots of movement. So the heart rate range has been from 139- 160s......

We love Tiffany at May Grant Associates and are hoping this little one makes it's arrival while she is on call! IF this baby is a Halloween baby- we already know Tiffany won't be on call :(

BP 118/83 much better than 123/83 from 2 wks ago. I was a little nervous with some of the swelling I had over the last 2 wks that my BP was going to be higher. 123 systolic is the highest I had seen with the pregnancy and I like it more in the 110's or lower. So far so good! In 2 wks I have gained 3 lbs!!! This little one is growing and growing and moving and moving! Of course just like usual when the doppler is placed on my belly this little one moves around even more!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Banned from heels....

This summer I have lived in basically one pair of very nice sandals. Now that the weather has started to cool, I have started to wear more closed toed shoes. Sneakers are difficult to tie and can't be worn to nice events.

Exhibit A:
So if you read my blog last May you would have read about how I had a fall while crossing the street in Maryland. It wasn't a bad fall, but it shook Matt and me up a little. I have worn those heels since May; but have tried to be extra careful. Well, last night at 33 1/2 weeks into my pregnancy I wore these heels and lets just say if I hadn't been holding Matt's hand while walking from the restaurant to the Fulton Opera House we would not have been going to the show- instead we probably would have been at the ER or home with me nursing a sprained ankle or worse. While at the opera house I lost my balance for a second; but never fell. Of course Matt had protested about me wearing the heels last night in the first place, so my 3 episodes did not make him very happy.

Today I got rid of the heels......

and bought some flats!!!!

These brown heels will go into safe keeping until later. I have a metallic dress that I wore for my 10 yr high school reunion and Matt is okay with me keeping these shoes.

So, hopefully someday I will learn how to walk in heels....

Monday, September 13, 2010

Original artwork is now in the nursery!

Matt painted 2 pieces of art for the nursery. I really love them! Matt told me his inspiration was the shrubs that blossom in the spring and my wedding bouquet! It made me smile when he told me about his inspirations I was so excited to see them!!! Matt worked on them one night while I was at work; so I had to wait a 10 hr shift and then 8 hours of sleep before I got to see them - the anticipation made me even more excited!

Matt never disappoints when he is inspired and is given art supplies! I love his artistic eye. On vacations we "battle" each other to take the most exciting or artistic photos and have a blast doing it!

Spring photo of me (very early pregnant) and Matt's inspiration of our shrubs last spring.

My bouquet

The artwork! I love the colors and it just brightens up this little corner :)

Waiting in anticipation for Baby Skill-it! We only have 7 more weeks until our due date!!!! We continue to ask for prayers of safety and health of all of us as we near delivery!

Friday, September 10, 2010

EMS Recruitment for KANSAS - One of the best states in the USA!

It's my people from Manhattan, KS!!!! I miss you guys soooooo much!!! Giving some love to Riley County EMS and the other Kansas Counties (including my home town Sedgwick County- Wichita, KS)!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aug 21: PA Ren Faire!!! (30wks)

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair is a big deal around here. It is a festival that lasts for 13 weekends from mid August to the end of October with a different theme every weekend! It was a little warm the weekend we went; but we enjoyed a cool breeze throughout the day. We had a blast enjoying a handful of different shows and thinking about what next year will be like with Baby Skill-it with us.

We went to a magic show, were I participated. We laughed a lot.

We also watched some crazy jugglers!

We ended the afternoon with some amazing music and even a belly dancer performed. I so miss dancing and can't wait to get started again. With my new position I hope to get in some lessons to get back into it!
We ended the day with some lemonade and a fresh doughy funnel cake that was sooooooo good!

The mansion on the property has a winery and a brewery! Of course I did not partake and Matt did not find it appropriate to sample the tastings in front of a pregnant woman (such a chivalrous man). We hope to visit the mansion this Christmas season when they decorate it for the holidays! They also have dinner theaters and other events throughout the year that we are hoping to enjoy over the years.

Matt got a few photos of me at 30wks during this outing.

October 3rd: 31 wks and 6 days

Earlier in the month we chose to change the location of delivering Baby Skill-it to Lancaster Women's and Babies hospital. So, last week we changed OB offices to May Grant Associates with a Certified Nurse Midwife and we were very pleased with the experience. Before the visit Matt, my wonderful hubby/photographer got a few shots of Baby Skill-it growing!