Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aug 21: PA Ren Faire!!! (30wks)

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair is a big deal around here. It is a festival that lasts for 13 weekends from mid August to the end of October with a different theme every weekend! It was a little warm the weekend we went; but we enjoyed a cool breeze throughout the day. We had a blast enjoying a handful of different shows and thinking about what next year will be like with Baby Skill-it with us.

We went to a magic show, were I participated. We laughed a lot.

We also watched some crazy jugglers!

We ended the afternoon with some amazing music and even a belly dancer performed. I so miss dancing and can't wait to get started again. With my new position I hope to get in some lessons to get back into it!
We ended the day with some lemonade and a fresh doughy funnel cake that was sooooooo good!

The mansion on the property has a winery and a brewery! Of course I did not partake and Matt did not find it appropriate to sample the tastings in front of a pregnant woman (such a chivalrous man). We hope to visit the mansion this Christmas season when they decorate it for the holidays! They also have dinner theaters and other events throughout the year that we are hoping to enjoy over the years.

Matt got a few photos of me at 30wks during this outing.

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