Monday, September 20, 2010

Carseat bases are in!

Considering that I will be 35 wks pregnant this Saturday we thought we should at least try to install the carseat bases in both cars. Will have to make an appt to get them checked; but at least they are out of the boxes and in the cars- that's a start right? The Chicco is said to be one of the easiest carseats to install and we think is was very easy to put them in.
There is a little more room in the Explorer when the carseat is in it's base compared to the focus. But we think they are both install as best as we can right now. Sure the experts can get the bases even more snug- we will have to see.
We are ready to go in the focus too!

The "bubble" has a sun shade as well as a netting that goes all the way around the carseat. A dear friend of mine Susan, who has triplets used netting to allow people to see her babies; but no touching unless she okayed it. Considering Baby Skill-it will arrive just as flu season is in full swing- I will be taking the advice of Susan to try to keep Baby Skill-it healthy this winter. With a lot of good hand washing from us and others who want to hold Baby Skill-it I hope we can get through this winter without any severe illnesses :)

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Sebastian said...

Thanks for explaining the spaceship looking thing over the carseat:) Not a bad idea for when my new brother or sister gets here... Can't wait to see those tummy pics! ~ That last one's from Mama...