Sunday, July 26, 2009

A 30 hour trip back home!

The drive to PA was suppose to be the long part of the trip, right?

Well, not the case on our last trip!

The closing on our house went so smooth and from my perspective the interview went well (won't know for a couple of weeks).

We got on the train at Etown into Philly without any issues. The Septa train from Philly to the airport became interesting- a 20 minute train ride turned into a 40 minute one because someone on the train went a little crazy when asked for her $7 fair!!! We thought if we made it to the airport early, we might be able to get on the earlier flight- we didn't make it....

The plane was about 10-15 minutes late arriving, so needless to say our boarding of the plane was 15 minutes late. Oh, and someone had mistakenly deleted the manifest- which meant that they had to write the list manually....needless to say we pulled away from the gate approx 45 minutes late.

Then, we sat on the runway for approx 3 hrs! In the last part of those 3 hours, a woman began coughing as the exhaust fumes from a plane in front of us started lingering into our plane via the air conditioning vents. The oxygen had to be used. We were also informed that the rain (Matt and I were hoping to get the earlier flight because we knew the rain was coming) was coming and we were the 40th plane. Then it was time to go back to the gate, because the oxygen had been used, and all they had given us on the plane were beverages- not even pretzels!!! :)

We deplaned and met some wonderful people, grabbed dinner from the bistro that was still opened, and found out that we would be sleeping in the Atlanta hotel--- I mean Atlanta AIRPORT!!! We left Philly at approx 2330 (11:30PM).

We arrived in the Atlanta airport just before 2 AM!!! We decided that there was no point in leaving the airport because we would have enough time to find a hotel, find transportation, take a shower, and lie flat for less than an hour so we stayed in the airport. Matt stayed awake while watching tv on and I tried to get some sleep from 0200- 0500.

At 0500 we brushed our teeth, washed our faces, and tried to make our bodies try to "reset" to believe that we were starting a new day (even though we had been up since 0600 on Friday)!

We did upgrade our tickets to business class to try to get some sleep (no- this is not becoming a habit). Matt plugged his headphones into the XM radio port and was "out" even before we pulled away from the gate. We both slept fairly well during the 2 hr flight.

Matt said he felt wide awake when we arrived at the Parking spot and felt he could drive the 2 hours to Manhattan, KS. We picked up Regan from Doggy Day Care and arrived home at noon! Showers, cuddle time with Regan, and then a nap from 1300-1730 (1pm-5:30pm). We woke up had dinner with friends, and then went back to sleep!


Becca said...

Wow, that really is the long way around to get home. How long are you home?

Dory said...

Yikes. I have heard these stories about sitting on the runway for HOURS... but so far, I've never experienced it. (I sure hope this trip to Las Vegas this week is NOT the time that I do!!)

Enjoy today! Congratulations to Matt!... er... should I say Dr. Matt?

Jen said...

Next time that happens to me, I will try to go with the flow. I admire your patience, Bek. :)