Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cabin Fever- Or NOT!

About 2 years ago I met a fantastic, wonderful, kind person at the ER dept in Manhattan, KS. For some crazy reason we hit it off instantly! After traveling with her in November I knew I had made a friend for life. In November we planned a trip for July 2009 so that we could have one last girls' weekend before Matt & I relocated to Pennsylvania.

Jen and I had a blast staying at my parents' Cabin in Custer County, Colorado. Here are a few shots from my camera. We are meeting for dessert and a puppy play date tonight to exchange photos!

Sanctuary- SilverCliff, Colorado - a hint of what Heaven might be like!

A storm was rolling in, so the Sangre de Cristo mountain range is slightly obscured by clouds, but what a view!

Hi Jen! I was so honored to have this trip with her!

The theater is a movie theater and also has plays/concerts. One movie is shown at 7:30 PM on Friday and Saturday only! Star Trek will show this weekend, we watch Up while we were there. What a precious movie!

My sweet friend bought me some yummy smelling lotion while at the Farmer's Market!

Bishop's Castle- a work in process by one man that started in the 1960's and still is not completed. See the sphere- I went up that tower- Jen was such a good sport!

Halfway up the tower we stopped for a photo!

We also visited Springtime Farms- a farm that is off grid (meaning it has solar panels, a wind generator, and does not have public electric) that has goats, chickens, puppy dogs, and ALPACAs!
We met the owner at the Farmer's Market who offered tours of the farm during the summer. The alpacas are sheared once a year for their fiber. The owner spins the fiber and makes super soft fiber hats, scarves, and pet beds. The owner also milks the goats to make goat cheese.
We went on a walk around the neighborhood (which is more like a hike). On our way up the driveway to Sanctuary we saw we had a visitor watching us making our trek up the hill.
Our last meal was so special and SOOOOOO yummy! We couldn't resist taking a snapshot with the sunflowers at our table!

Thank you Jen for such wonderful memories that I will cherish in my heart forever!
Oh- and thanks for talking 8-9 hours straight so I stayed awake at the wheel to and from Colorado!!!


Becca said...

What a great account of your trip. I am going to have to pop over to Jen's to see hers!

Jen said...

Aww Bek, I had such a fun time with you! Thank you, thank you for inviting me along! I am glad we had a little time together before your move.
You are a wonderful person and I am so glad to have your friendship!
Love you!

meg said...

Oh, I LOVE alpacas! I'm so glad you all had that time together (but hardily jealous I couldn't be there, too :-P)

Karma said...

We went to Bishop Castle when I was a kid. I was just telling Chris about it a few days ago! Looks like a great get-away!!