Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The document has been turned in!

I arrived from Colorado at approx 3:30 PM on Monday afternoon. Matt had his dissertation ready to hand out to 5 different people - I think. He was a good sport when he saw me whip out my camera as we arrived.

Dr. F. Todd Goodson was in his office so Matt was able to give his professor the big huge document in person!

It's over with and done with. The professors on the board will review Matt's dissertation and hopefully will not have too many issues to correct after his defense on Monday July 27th!

The last few days have been really weird since Matt has not been glued to his laptop re-reading his work or reading articles on his Kimble for research. We have had some special time together just hangin' out.

Thank you all for all your love and support throughout this 2 year journey in Manhattan, KS. We have truly enjoyed our time in the Little Apple, but our excited for new adventure in Elizabethtown, PA.

Please continue with your prayers as we "sign our life away" next week on our house in PA. We are awaiting to hear final word that all our paperwork is good to go so there are no "hiccups" in the process!

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Becca said...

Good luck on both counts, fingers and toes crossed!