Thursday, July 16, 2009

Checking out Regalia!

Matt wanted to show me what his robes will look like for graduation in December!

He won't have it for the opening ceremonies at E-Town, but he will have it for his graduation in December. After that he will wear it at least twice a year if not more!

It's almost like buying a business suit, all the different fabric choices (there are at least 6-8 options), the piping choices, the length of the garment, 4,6,8 corner hat, and tassel type (metallic or silky). It has been quite a fun learning experience.

History shows that professors used to wear their regalia when they taught. Doubt Matt will do that, but you never know :)

The one with dark blue stripes is the one for a doctorate of philosophy and is the one he will be wearing!

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Devion said...

Does it have a pocket for his magic wand? :)

Good to see you all this weekend...even if it was very brief! Have a safe trip!