Monday, March 2, 2009

How's the packing going?

In response to Jen & Ryan's question:

Well I am awaiting for the official day when Kansas weather decides to be spring and not winter so I can pack big, bulky sweaters and coats! 
This week we started the week with 17* but by the end of the week it is suppose to be in the 60s. For some reason though I don't believe this is the week! I feel like the month of March is like the labor pains of change for Kansas. Both years I went to prom I was picking out me dress over spring break walking in snow!  The greatest part of March in Wichita is it does start turning in to spring, in Manhattan it seems to take until Mid-late April! Ugh! And to top things off my first year in Manhattan it snowed the second week of April!

So back to packing....I think I am at those labor pains too. I have packed away so much, but am at a stand still for a few weeks. We have 5 bowls, 5 salad plates, and 5 dinner plates that are unpacked (the means less dirty dishes in the sink!) and 2 glasses,  4 coffee mugs, plus Matt's 5 or 6 plastic cups. We eat at home so much, that I haven't been able to pack a lot of kitchen stuff; but all the china, the rest of the dishware and glassware, and my sentimental fragile stuff is packed and ready to find a new home!

With the packing we are also de-cluttering. If we haven't used it in the last 2 years we have been here-WE DON'T NEED IT!!!- including clothes! We have a recycling center in Manhattan that takes clothes. I know it is a resource people use; because I have seen it! 

So that's "how the packing is going"  Slow but consistent....

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