Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A new piece of artwork for the nursery

Matt is painting 2 original canvas pieces for the nursery, but he also came up with the idea to find print photos of each of our pets for the nursery as well. We found a frame over the weekend and after going through all of our photos of the pets we found 3 that we both liked and that were all vertical shots.
The dresser is my dresser from growing up. I believe it was in my nursery. It was the one piece of furniture that I was able to take out of my parents' home when I got married. I am hoping that we can keep it maintained for our children.

A peek to a corner in the nursery. Above the glider are the two spaces for Matt's paintings. This room is really starting to really feel like a nursery.
I find myself walking by this room, standing in the room, sitting in the chair, or vacuuming the rug in the room and praying for baby Skill-it. I have been so blessed through this pregnancy and I just pray that it continues with a successful delivery and a healthy mother and child. I know there is no guarantee, so I leave it in God's hands.


mommyjoymarie said...

I remember spending time praying in each of our boys rooms. Especially when I couldn't sleep at night. I would also pray over them after they were born when I was up with them in the middle of the night. Precious memories.

Stacy said...

The room is really starting to come together. I have my dresser from when I was a child as well. It was also my mom's dresser that my great-grandfather made in his woodworking shop. I used it for all three of my kids and plan on keeping it for the next generation.

Devion said...

It looks great, Bek! I spend more and more time in the nursery as the deliveries approach. Towards the end, most of the time is spent crying in there that I'm DONE and want baby to come out and experience his/her room. I find myself saying, "Don't you want to be in that comfy bed? Don't you want to see the great stuff Daddy and I got ready for you?" Irrational, but you'll find that those last few weeks are looooong and you just want SO badly to hold that baby, see their little face, etc.

Jen said...

How wonderful - I love the nursery and the pictures of your 4 legged babies. :)
Hard to believe that very soon a little baby Skill-it will be sleeping in that little room, isn't it?