Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My new squirrel resistant bird feeders!

The feeders themselves are squirrel resistant and the little cone thing keeps the squirrels from climbing up the pole. The guy at the local pet store said I probably have as close to a squirrel proof feeder as I can get. I have seen it work and am very thankful. The squirrels pick up the seeds that fall to the ground. So far so good. I have really enjoyed watching all the birds around our house. We have all different colors of finches, cardinals, and other birds that I have yet to identify.


Jen said...

I, too, love watching the birdies that come to my feeder.
I wish squirrels were a problem for us... if we had squirrels, that would mean we also had mature trees.
Maybe in 20 years or so... :)

Jill & John said...

I want a birdfeeder like that for my back yard!