Thursday, July 22, 2010

Someone to watch over baby Skill-it

Did you ever have a huge stuffed animal growing up? Neither Matt or I did. We were at the Park City Mall in Lancaster, PA a couple weeks ago and saw a huge stuffed giraffe that we both fell in love with. We went back this last weekend and it was no longer there and they didn't know when they would get another one. The internet is a wonderful thing, Matt found the same giraffe on for $34 dollars cheaper and with free shipping! The giraffe arrived yesterday and we were really excited to see it in the nursery!

It's 57 inches tall- here's a comparison with how tall the giraffe is compared to Regan.

When we were in Florida and told Matt's dad and family we went to a Safari like Zoo with lions, tigers, and giraffes! - as well as other animals! When we went to the gift shop Matt's dad bought baby Skill-it his/her first stuffed animal, a giraffe!

Two giraffes (and two excited parents) are patiently awaiting Baby Skill-it's arrival!

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