Friday, April 10, 2009

A summer favorite slimmed DOWN!

A favorite salad of mine was lettuce, strawberries, red onions, raspberry vinaigrette, and CANDIED walnuts/pecans :)

Okay so here is my slimmed down version

Salad -whatever kind you like
Strawberries cut to whatever size you like- 1.5 cups will equal 1 pt (I think with my little salad bowl I use may a 1/2 cup=0 pts)
Red onion- sliced to whatever size you like- not too much or the salad will taste too oniony :)
A few sprays of the Ken's Raspberry Vinaigrette Spray

The slimmed Down secret-- LOWFAT GRANOLA!!! I use 1/4 cup- equals about 2 pts

I give the whole salad a value of about 2 pts unless I go over on the strawberries, granola, or the dressing :)

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