Monday, April 20, 2009

You've gotta read this!

I have been meaning to blog about a few books I have read. I love the book Girl Meets God by, 
This book takes the reader through the seasons of Judaism and Christianity while Lauren herself journeys through Judaism, to becoming an Orthodox Jew, to a finding Jesus and becoming a Christian. Lauren is so honest in her writings. She answered so many questions for me as God molds me through faith.

I am currently reading her book: Real Sex- the naked truth about chastity. I love it!  Winner discusses the real issues; not just the black and white legalistic view of "just don't do it."  I am thrilled to be reading this book. She discusses why sex outside of marriage isn't REAL SEX and what society has done to water down and degrade what is a wonderful, perfect, and union between the creations that the holy and loving God created. 

I encourage everyone to read Lauren Winner's books. I can't wait to finish the current book and read the next two! With Lauren's list of books she is reading or wanting to read, I now have a new list of books I want to read next! Check out her list here


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Mocha Dad said...

I need to buy this book for my sister.