Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome to the Interior Hurricane BEK

Our 1 yr anniversary photo, a shadow box, and our wedding photo. I can't tape the clock- I need to see the time :)
Yes, this is a drawing of us within our first year of marriage that was drawn at World's of Fun. 
Bathroom photo
An art piece my great, great aunt did (I think...the signature is on the back.)
A mirror from my grandma Jessie
House rules and the Lord's prayer
Our china cabinet-ready for the storm! The oil painting on the left is the latest piece of art Matt bought. We both love it and can't wait to find out where it is going to go in our new home!
This is a print from Key West-I love the colors and can't wait to incorporate the colors from the oil painting and this print into our home!
 I feel like I am preparing for a hurricane inside of my house.  I have never been in  a hurricane; but I do know that everyone boards up windows, doors, ect. I have taped all my framed photos in the house. I have kept them on the walls until I am ready to pack them all away. It makes me smile to see another boost of progress. 

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White Hot Magik said...

You should have a party with people who don't know you are moving and let them wonder why you choose to decorate that way. I have never done that. I hope to not move again soon, but will try to remember that trick.