Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Annual FIshing Trip....Warning, lots of photos!

Our annual fishing trip with Travis Barker at Lake Texoma was a wonderful time. We drove down Sunday afternoon and fished early Monday morning! Travis Got a new boat that is awesome!
Travis is an awesome fishing guide. I highly suggest Travis Barker to anyone who wants to go fishing at Lake Texoma!

One tradition we have on our drive down to Kingston, OK is to stop at Turner Falls. In the summer time the falls are bigger!

It was a very blustery, windy day!

Another tradition in Kingston, OK  is each of us takes $20 into the local slot machine place. Matt and I left with $60! We called it a night before we got in over our heads!

0620 AM on Monday we go to the dock!


We had our limit of 60 fish in less than an hour! We got off the water before the storms hit!

After Travis prepared our fish and bagged them, we were off to breakfast at Hobo Joe's!

After breakfast/lunch we headed back to Manhattan, KS!

Matt is becoming quite the fish chef! We are enjoying fish and it isn't even fried!
Matt has found that mixing cumin, chipotle pepper, and a few other spices is a great mix on bass! Yum!

Where are your favorite fishing spots?