Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Kiker!

Kiker came to our home in July 2003. At this time Kiker was 3 yrs and the only pet in our home. She is the queen of the pets and knows it. Kiker loves to sit in the sun or roll on the warm cement. She has been gracious in not getting back at us when we brought a second cat and a puppy dog into the home. Our vet in Wichita said whenever she tried to bring a second cat home, her first cat would void on the vet's bed! Kiker has never done this- thank goodness! Within 48 hrs of bringing home NeoTech, Kiker and NeoTech were able to be free roam in the house! Now they are inseparable! When we board the kittens we have to board them together or else they cry at the staff!- Happy 9th Birthday Kiker!

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