Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday NeoTech!

NeoTech was adopted by our family in 2003 when he was approx 5.5 months.  According to the KS Humane Society he was born in April 2003- so we gave him a birthday of April 1st!  NeoTech is a crazy, vocal, loyal, cuddler who loves Kiker and Regan. 

The vet who first cared for NeoTech believes he was born with his crooked tail. We believe he has some siamese in him due to his flesh colored fur on his belly and with how vocal he is. NeoTech is also very clingy to Kiker and myself. He enjoys his day with naps cuddled up to Kiker or awaking me by kneeding my shoulder/neck in the morning. He loves to de-clutter the desk, de-clutter the dresser, de-clutter the bathroom vanity, and whining when we reprimand him.

He also likes to escape for 3-10 days every other year or so.  In 2005 NeoTech ran out of the house when Matt was loading up for a hunting trip and was gone for over a week during the coldest time of the year. We found him in our neighbor's bushes . Later in the spring he went to our other neighbor's back yard (our north neighbors had a St.Bernard!). I heard him whining and helped him get out of the backyard. He loves to be outside and chase leaves.

While in Manhattan he escaped when the back door didn't get shut and he headed for the creek where all the leaves gather!  Again Matt found him whining while dropping of the trash. The crazy cat has never made it back to the door- he just starts whining and hopes we find him!



Shea said...

Happy Birthday Neo!

Hi Rebekah, I know it's been forever! I miss you guys! I'll be coming to Manhattan April 18th for sophmore days at K-State! I'll let you know more soon!
Miss you!

Becca said...

Happy Birthday Neo Tech! He sounds like quite the character!