Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Okay let me try this birth of a blog again.....

Since March 11th alot has happened. I traveled to London for 10 days with my fantastic husband. We celebrated our 6th year as a married couple a little early-6yrs will be this Dec.

I packed up my do or die possessions and moved up to Manhattan the first part of April while Matt stayed in Wichita finishing his contract at Maize South Middle School for the year. I started orientation at Mercy Regional Health Center on April 9th to start working in the ER as a Registered Nurse.

I have never worked ER. I have just over 4yrs experience in Labor/Delivery and 2 yrs experience in an electronic Family practice office.

After working in the ER in Manhattan, KS for just over 2 months I have learned alot about the people in this area and about myself.

People are people no matter where you go. No matter the financial, educational, or race/ethnic background: people are people! I see a lot of people come into the ER that do NOT have an emergency according to the educated medical practitioners-but to this individual it is. Do I think some of our patients should have "taken 2 Tylenol and called their PCP during office hours." Of course, but once they walk into the ER they are here to be told "everything's all right or we are going to surgery."

I also learned alot about myself when I had to move away from my husband for 2 months. I learned that I am stronger than anyone thought I was. I found a relationship with God that I had neglected and fell in love with my husband all over again.

Don't get me wrong- I am soooooo glad to be in the same place with him now. I am going to work on keep this blog up-now that I have a computer again.....

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