Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Little miracles are good too!

I went for a walk with my dog Regan about an hour ago. When we had a house I would grab the garage door opener and we were off. Not now. I grabbed my keys remembering my sunglasses were in the car and locked the apartment. Unlocked the car, grabbed my sunglasses, decided I did not want to take all my keys with me. Took the car key off the ring, put the rest of the keys in the car and grabbed my sunglasses, locked the door, and we were off. I was dropping off a video from the gym I workout at. There is a nature path that goes under the highway and drops me off right at the gym. It is approx 1.5 mile walk (I think) to the gym. Right as I am walking towards the gym I realize I cannot find my car key! Matt's at the college sitting in viewing a dissertation defense and informed me less than 5 minutes ago that his cell phone "died."

"Okay," I tell myself. "Just drop off the video and start walking home."

Done, now I am half way back to the entrance of the trail and I start praying. "God, you made everything around me. You are the creator of the universe. I know you have a lot going on right now with the whole world-especially all that's going on even in my wonderful family, but you also know the desires of my heart. And the only desire of my heart right now is to be alive and to have my car key sitting on the hood of my car in the apartment parking lot. Amen."

Well I walked right up to my car, grabbed my car key, unlocked the car door, grabbed the rest of my keys, locked the car, unlocked my apartment door, locked the apt, gave Regan some water, put my keys on the desk and sat down to honor one of God's little miracles.....


Devion said...

Don't you just LOVE those "God moments" when He shows you not only His power, but His providence and graciousness?!? Hope things are continuing in the right direction with your family! Still thinking of you all and praying!!!

Devion said...

Time for an update! Time for an update! :)

Devion said...

Up-date...someone needs to up-date...someone needs to u-p-date! Someone needs to up-date! Someone needs to up...someone needs to up...someone needs to UP.....DATE!!!!!!!!