Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice/snow storm=no power

I made an album on facebook.com explaining why I have not been on face book much this last month. I think we were in our apt in Manhattan with power for approx 15 days that month. Then our anniversary came (6yrs! YEAH) and then the holidays came. We were out of power for 6 days starting on 12/11/07. It was a complete learning experience and I was able to get some awesome photos.
Ice is so pretty, but it can really wreck havoc on our daily lives when it causes our power to be lost.

I think I am finally getting back to the sanity of life. Also-Matt and I are preparing for a 5K soon. Don't know were we are going to run-but we are in training. I don't think I have actually ran significantly since high school! I will keep you updated!

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