Friday, November 21, 2008

I am thankful for cats that get along!

I think this photo says it all....Two cats that get along.

When NeoTech was gone for 24 hrs last month, Kiker was very needy and wanted to snuggle as much as possible because she didn't have her cuddle buddy with her. They are approx 3 years apart. We adopted Kiker first in the summer of 2003. I had always wanted 2 cats so I talked Matt into letting me adopt a 6 month old male kitten from the KS Humane society a few months after we adopted Kiker. After a 60 hrs of introductions (in only 3 days!!!) these two kitties were able to be in the same room together without any "arguments." They have been together ever since.

The first time we took them to the vet in Wichita and dropped them off for their visits we were told by the vet that the techs had to put them in the same cage together because they were whining when they were separated. As soon as they were in the cage together they started grooming each other and stopped whining. She told us this is very rare. She said whenever she tried to bring home a second cat, her cat would pee on the vet's bed! We are very blessed with our two kittens!

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