Thursday, November 13, 2008

It is official my 10 year High School Reunion has a date & time!

A few fond memories of high school now that is has been 10 years! And for those of you who know the story of the After Prom "gotcha" story keep scrolling to see the actual scanned note that was sent to my parents. I may have been a sheltered "good girl" but, I am a good girl who did get caught every once in a great while :) Ah, the joys of growing up and hopefully gaining wisdom and knowledge along the way! And Jen, these pictures show my natural color in high school, I didn't start changing the color to different shades until after I got married.

I am the 5th white suit from the left, freshman year. This would be the year I was introduced to Matt, my hubby, but he was dating some one else and I was busy being a freshman. My best friend since 1st grade (Ordinary Momma)  is 2nd from the left!
Senior picture taken summer of 1998; I changed a little by the time graduation came in May 1999! Check out those Short shorts-I thought I was fat then, I would do ALMOST anything to fit back into those!
My first love, my 1988 Ford Thunderbird I received in 1995. Gotta love a V6 in a smooth sled! I cried the day my dad told me I needed to sell it and get a "more reliable" car for my second year of college. I have so many fond and precious memories in that car! Oh, and I never got a speeding ticket or any citation in this baby!

See the note. I was allowed to be out until 0500, but the understanding was that I was staying at the after prom party until 0430.....oops! Yes, I did disobey my parents, shocker right? 

This photo below was my Senior homecoming. Matt and I decided to start dating one week after this photo was taken. The rest is documented history throughout my iweb blog, iphoto, and my blogger blog. 
The below photos are from my Freshman through Junior years.


mitchowl said...

Nice to meet you. We have a lot in common.

Stacy said...

Love the pics. You are so brave sharing those photos.

Jen and Ryan said...

Oh my! Where did you dig up those pictures? I was quite surprised to see a few of those. I think my parents still have copies of all our Variety Shows. And speaking of walking down memory lane, Amy Baker is now an Assistant Professor of Music Theatre at WSU.

Jen said...

Cute cute cute!
(And I am envious that you were such a "good girl!" Being the "bad girl" isn't all it's cracked up to be!)