Friday, December 19, 2008

The joys of living in an older apt...the rent is cheap and we are able to keep our 2 cats and puppy dog!

There has always been a small water spot (see the tiny dar spot in the center-it's probably mold) since I moved in to this apt in May 07-they found a leak in my cousin's Kitchen sink above me and fixed that but there is alway some residue water drainage from their bathroom/shower. There is a part of the floor near their bathtub that has linoleum but not subfloor so water tends to find itself on my ceiling. Well I am okay with my little fungi spot; but Wednesday morning there was a little more see the small circle? By Wednesday evening this is what it looked like and it was bowing a little. A phone call was made to our manager and Jon our maintenance guy was on it first thing Thursday morning. I told him about kitchen leak and about how no one has fixed the hole in my cousin's floor. He said he would try to seal up the floor a little better and get me a new tile.

Yeah, little joys, like no fungi on my ceiling tile make me smile!

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