Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Additional exercise today!!!

Okay so it is like 20 degrees and falling tonight while I am filling up my gas tank and with the super dry air and the increase in static electricity I so do not need my car catching on fire and being engulfed in flames-- yes it is something I think about! So, a solution to the problem of turning into a popsicle while filling my car: (I so wish Matt were with me to get this on video)

Insert nozzle into gas tank and then start running/hopping/side stepping/air boxing in place to keep warm. Thank-goodness my car only has 10 gallons! I did not dare to look around to see if anyone was watching. I know I burned a few calories and I stayed toasty!


t i m said...

Petrol stations [or gas stations as you call them across the pond] have cameras – I’m sure someone was watching. :)

PS: We 'prefer' our murders by stabbings instead of guns, but let’s not focus on the negative stuff.

We're known for having good teeth in the UK & that’s something to rejoice in. ;)

Christine said...

wish i could have seen that! lol