Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fitness days in January (Days 1,2,3 out of 12)

Okay so I am going to exercise at least 12 days out of this month. Next month I will make the next plans to exercise 12 days then and again and again.

So far I have exercised 3 times this month:

Jan 1st:
Matt and I took a 45 minute walk with Holly in Florida. (Holly is his sisters pit/lab pound puppy they adopted about 2 yrs ago; Holly is approx 3 yrs now!)

Monday Jan 5th: walked/jogged on the treadmill at the gym for 45 min

Tues Jan 6th: walked Regan for approx 30 min (we are trying to get her to walk on the leash a little better- she did well today)

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White Hot Magik said...

I had a habit of walking the dog every morning for a while. Got out of the habit and now I need to start again with the new puppy too. I think it goes a long way for discipline. I think with school and all I should probably plan on an afternoon walk with the boys though. Good job getting a quarter of your workouts in for the month! I think I finally have you bookmarked, I hope!