Monday, January 26, 2009

Mr.Laurence Pacey- a legend that will not be forgotten

This is one of the one-room school houses that Mr.Pacey attended while growing up.  Mr. Pacey became a school teacher after graduating from high school.  He taught in the little country schools of Kansas for 42.5 years.

Matt's step-mom Rochelle was taught by an amazing man. Matt met up with Laurence Pacey last spring. Matt's paper was read by a Ron Wilson who wrote an article about Matt and his meeting with Laurence. I was so honored when I met Laurence. I had worked the night before and was very tired; but I was bound and determined to meet this man I had heard so much about.

Matt and I found out today that Mr. Pacey went to the one-room school house in the heavens on Friday. We will be attending his funeral tomorrow.

Laurence Pacey changed my life in just meeting him once. His eyes are so kind and his words are drenched in wisdom and patience. 

We were honored to have the tour of Mr.Pacey's wood shop when we visited. Mr.Pacey was known for making bowling pin lamps and turtle stools for children of family and friends. Mr.Pacey will be surely missed on Earth; but I know he is having a party with his wife in heaven.


Julia said...

What a beautiful tribute to a special man.

Anna Marie said...

This is a very neat tribute to him, I am one of his Grandaughters. If this makes any sense at all and/or if you know about our big family, I am the 11th child's (Laurie Pacey, now Laurie Zink)'s oldest daughter.

He was such a special person to me and I will never forget him, thank you for taking the time to do this on your blog.

-Anna Zink

Chance Family said...

This was a wonderful post & lovely pictures! I love the one with my grandfather in his woodshop. He was a true craftsman. Thank you for such a lovely tribute to him and such kind words of rememberence. My mom (Pam Pacey-Everett) was talking with your mom (or mother-in-law) the day of the funeral during the lunch. My grandfather's memory will live on.

Shauna Chance