Thursday, February 5, 2009

Emotional Roller-coaster

Wow! I think I have been on the biggest emotional roller-coaster since Monday afternoon. When we found out about the offer to Elizabethtown we were thrilled-and still are! Then when Matt called Etown and found out what the offer was and we talked about it we were even more thrilled. Then I realized we had to call family first before I blogged and told the whole world!

I called my mom first-I so wish I could have told her in person, but it needed to be done ASAP and I had to work Monday night. She was at work when I called. I prefaced it with "Are you somewhere you can sit down, and no I am not pregnant." Then I told her the news. I know she is sad we are moving, and I broke down in tears while talking to her (I am getting a frog in my throat and tearful eyes while typing). She knows that we want to start a family as soon as we are moved and settled and I know she realizes we will now be far away from Wichita, KS. I know this is not the ideal situation for future grandparents; but this is what God has put in our direction.

I know she is proud of Matt and I know she is proud of me for having such a submissive heart to choose to follow my husband to "the ends of the earth" -that's something Matt and I have said since it's East coast-if it would have been West coast I would have been following him to "another planet"- (love ya Meg and Becca!)

I know that moving cross country is not the easiest thing to do-and moving 2 cats and a hyper dog isn't going to make it any easier: but I am so at peace with moving. We have packed a few things presently and had to "cut the fat" when we moved up to Manhattan.

I am so grateful that the friends I have made in Manhattan have been so supportive-Jen included!!!! It is nice to know we will be missed; but our friends have celebrated with us. My co-workers and friends at work encouraged me when Matt applied at a few places that I was not 100% about. They listened to me when I was nervous about the job market and the job searches being closed due to budget cuts. To my friends, THANK YOU.

To God-Thank you for listening to my prayers and desires of my heart. Thank you for this adventure. Thank you for all that you have done and all that you are going to do. Continue to lead us where we are to go and let our hearts be open to your guidance. Guide us to the house that we can make a home and be good stewards of the finances you have given us. Thank your for the safe travels you gave Matt while interviewing. Thank you for the special bond that keeps family together even over great distances. Thank you for friends all over the country and the world. Thank you that a smile is universal whether one is on the west coast, east coast, the south, or the midwest! Thank you for giving me such great friends and a wonderful family.


Becca said...

Hey you are going to really get to know a new part of America, what a great adventure that lies ahead! I wish you all the best!

Stacy said...

I know this is a day late, but hey, I might be able to swing a road trip with you down to Kansas sometime. It will all work out. Promise!