Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Exercise & Weight loss Post!

So I haven't been blogging about exercise because I have been exercising and haven't made the time blog about it!

So here is my schedule of exercise that I have been doing on a regular basis for the past 2.5wks:
Monday: Zumba in the morning for 60min; Fit ball in the evening for 45 minutes
Tuesday: Zumba afternoon for 30min
Wednesday: Break day or Ballet Bar for 20 mins if I work OR Fit ball in the evening for 45 mins
Thursday: Meet mid morning /c Michelle for 30min of weights, Zumba in the afternoon (30min) & in the evening (60min)
Friday: Ballet Bar or something outside or a break from planned exercise
Sat: Walking or Treadmill (If I don't work)
Sunday: Usually loading and unloading laundry (lots of steps from apt to car to laundromat to car to apt)--if I don't work

With all the hard work in the last 1.5 wks I had weigh in today and lost 3 lbs!!!! YEAH! I have finally broke through the plateau I have been at since the holidays and the first few weeks of the new year. I gained one pound during October-January, then I lost 2 lbs and then gained the 2 lbs back! With losing 3 lbs I am back to climbing the mountain of success and leaving the  plateau behind me!

 I need to lose 2 more lbs to achieve my 10% weight loss goal!  Of course, I want to lose more than my 10%; but this is the short term goal I am about to meet! I would love to see 130ish again before we start trying to have kiddos (high school weight!). I know that I can maintain 150 and my doc says 150 would be just fine-I just want some "wiggle" room for that 15-30+ lbs that blessed pregnancy may bless me with!


Jen said...

Congratulations. You really do look amazing - your hard work has definately paid off!

Julia said...

Congratulations! And I know what I am talking about. I currently am working on breaking through a plateau and I am at my wits ends. You know the kind, when the scale just seems to be stuck even though you are exercising every day and keeping within your points values? I weigh in on Friday and am hoping to see a loss. Maybe I can report 3 lbs, too. (I would be thrilled!)

Christine said...

Good job sista.. Get it off now...cuz with kids...it's much harder I find!