Thursday, February 19, 2009

Free Tupperware!

I went to a Tupperware Bingo party on Monday evening!  I won the season & serve container on a "Stinky card" Bingo! After the "stinky card" game the next Bingo I won again! I won the #2 size square modular mate!  I am still waiting for my order to come in from my party (it was a large order with a lot of sale items).  My hostess set came today and I love it! 

I am looking forward to getting my modular mate sets so I can pack my pantry-how crazy is that! Of course I want my pantry to be organized-but I can't move and organize it yet :)  

I grew up with modular mates and the season & serve container. My mom used the season & serve for marinating meats as well as a cookie carrier (of course not at the same time!). I am looking forward to having items that are timeless in my home. They also bring good memories of hanging out in the kitchen with my mom.


Matt Skillen said...

And, free is good.

Devion said...

It is so tough to oraganize/pack/move. Good luck with it all. When is moving day? Here's something that I found helpful. When you have things such as toilet paper rolls, etc. KEEP THEM. You can pack light bulbs (of random sizes that you take out of lamps) in them or other small breakables. You can use boxes from things like cereal for junk drawer stuff, spices, etc. Be creative and consider the possibility in anything you're fixin to throw away! Loves!

Becca said...

Free is a good thing! Have a safe trip!

Jen said...

I love my Tupperware too. Glad you got so much free stuff!