Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Early Valentine's Day!!!

I have to work Valentine's Day weekend so Matt and I escaped Manhattan for a day trip to KC! We met Gram (my maternal grandmother) for lunch. Gram escorted us to Browne's for lunch. Browne's is all Irish! We had a wonderful lunch with Gram and had fun looking at all the Irish merchandise- they even had Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bars! Matt, Gram, and I split one. It was soooooo good! Matt and I ate Cadbury Dairy Milk bars all the time when we visited London.

We dropped Gram off at work, but not before a photo shoot!
It almost crazy how much we look alike (short hair and all)!
Next stop 18th & Vine- The American Jazz Museum! It was an amazing adventure into a the history of music, specifically the birth of jazz. I picked up a book that I can't wait to start reading!
When we visit KC-the trip is never complete without a visit to The Plaza! We window shopped around the plaza and visited Pottery Barn, the Apple Store, Tiffany's!  Matt even let me look and try on some rings! I am so blessed to have such a fantastic husband!
Dinner meant a visit to the Classic Cup Cafe and with the weather being so warm we were able to dine al fresco! It was so wonderful to sit outside and see the lights come on and enjoy the sounds of the Plaza. It was such a wonderful dinner and brilliant conversation.

Towards the end of dinner Matt asked me if I wanted my Valentine's gift. I knew he had bought something, but I surely did not expect what came out of his jacket. First he handed me a tiny envelope with a poem he had written:

"With each new beginning,
In every single way,
I love you more-
With each passing day."

Then he handed me a little blue box with a white ribbon! Matt had planned the trip to Tiffany's as a way to find out the kind of designs I like and what size my right hand ring finger is.  Matt presented this ring, which is an interlocking circles ring, as what he calls, "a place keeper." It is so special to me and I will always keep this ring close to my heart! 
We arrived home safely and picked up the mail. Matt received his paperwork from Etown! Another Valentine gift!!!  
Matt signing  his Etown paperwork!
We have been so blessed, yet all these blessings continue to keep me humble and grateful for what I have been given. Thank you to all who have given us so much emotional support during the job hunt we truly have felt your prayers.  


Becca said...

How cool is that trip! I am glad that you got to enjoy yourself before your busy time starts!

Jen said...

What a great way to celebrate V Day! You have such a great guy!

I saw you at church this morning but lost track of you after the service - would have hugged ya! Wasn't the sermon excellent? I loved the way Devin explained the whole "submission" deal... he explained the way I feel about it much more clearly than I ever could! I wrote it down though, so I can remember for the next time the subject comes up!