Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Baseball means SUMMER is almost here!

Monday evening we enjoyed a K-State Baseball game! Matt gets in free because he is a student and my ticket was $7- that's cheaper than a movie ticket!  I really enjoy going to baseball games- it seems like every summer vacation includes a trip to a baseball game with soda, a hot dog, and nachos with jalapenos! 

One childhood memory I have in Wichita was during spring turkey season.  My dad was hunting and my mom took my sisters and me to a WSU shocker double hitter. It started getting cold and the stadium ran out of hot chocolate (we were early teen/preteen so no coffee for us). After the first game we went home got our camping sleeping bags (that we never used for camping), stopped by McDonald's got lunch and of course hot chocolate, and then enjoyed the second game in the warmth of our sleeping bags!  

Matt and I didn't need sleeping bags, but we did wear our K-State hoodies and I had our K-State blanket in tow!

Powercat BASEBALL!
For some reason baseball stadium lights remind me of summer!

We met up with a friend-during a lag time they had to check their messages!

Isn't the bat boy cute!
And K-State wins!!! (after the 10th inning)


Becca said...

Is that score 27-1??? If it is that would be a big ouch!

Rebekah said...

no it was 8-8 in the 9th inning. K-state was able to hold BYU and score a run in the 10th inning.