Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Continued Conversation of SUPER SIZE ME....

I realize this is an emotional issue, I have received some great comments on the post, Super Size ME!

In response to Joe and others, this is my perspective:

I agree that Spurlock uses the "Shock & Awe" to deal with the issue that you bring up- We can eat what we want....

I agree charity is another issue, but if you are gorging yourself, are you going to think of others?

The thing that worries me; is that an apple and a water bottle of tap water tends to be cheaper than a bag of chips and a regular soda. Jesus encourages healthy living and fasting; yet us as Americans tend to avoid health and over indulge. As a nurse, I am not talking perfect bodies; I am talking healthy organs and arteries!!! I will never be a swim suit super model-- but I do have an elevated HDL and have my LDL and VLDL on the low side of normal; I get regular exercise and make a point to eat more fruits/veggies versus inflammation causing high fat, high calorie, non-antioxidant foods. AND save money because we eat at home more than we go out, more money to give to others in need.....

I have always believed when Paul (I think it was Paul) said "everything is permissible, but not all is beneficial." A relationship with God helps one conduct their daily lives- including eating, fasting, exercise, words from the tongue, thoughts, towards the way they should live. Does God only love attractive people, um... NO! But he gave us life and gave it to us to live abundantly!

I think what bothers me the most on the concept of the unhealthy living and eating that is becoming an epidemic is that as a nurse I see so many people who don't take care of themselves or blame others or things on their condition. Type 2 diabetes, used to be known as "adult onset" diabetes but children/adolescents are being diagnosed with it! My guess, unhealthy eating daily and little to no exercise.

I was fortunate enough to go to schools that may of had some lower nutritious lunch lines, but activity was a daily requirement until our sophomore years. NOT all schools have PE everyday, some only have it once/week if any at all and that is in the grade schools!!! And they are being fed French fries as a veggie!!!

The thought process "it won't happen to me" drives me nuts! So many people are gearing themselves up for diabetes, hypertension (high BP), and hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol) with inflammation causing high fat, high calorie foods. It's a triad, not to mention that with this triad usually comes excess fat deposits which increase one's risk of arthritis which decreases the amount of exercise one can do without pain.....

"I beat my body into submission", "You body is a temple for the Lord" -Joe, I know I should know where these are found; maybe you can help out with that :)

Sounds like the Bible knew we would have a "lazy, it's all about me" mentality in the flesh and it that it would be a daily battle to live simply and with food from the earth and not from the test tubes!

Again, this was tagged as a RANT. I love the discussion this is causing. More than anything this is a way for me to keep myself accountable and maybe just maybe get someone to think about taking a walk for even just 5 minutes today!

Am I making a claim that eating fruits and veggies along with exercise is going to keep one from getting any disease or injury? Of course not, genetics and life play a huge role; but I will say from personal experience that the recovery rate is definitely better and sometimes faster if one is in good physical, mental, and spiritual health!


Brandi said...

I agree with your rant...100% :)

And I absolutely love your tattoo...LOVE IT

Joe Skillen said...

Well, I don't think that the Scriptures that you list have much to do with physical health... the Pauline texts are metaphors for the Christian life. Paul talks about beating his body in reference to having "hustle" in his call, not sculpting abs. The body as the temple is more of a collective picture of God's presence within us, drawing a line to the temple that used to "house" God's presence in the OT model.

Jesus taught on secret fasting, not fasting for people to notice them, or to even cleanse the colon.

Perhaps it is better not to spiritualize weight loss.

Good luck on inspiring others... hopefully a walk for 5 minutes turns into a longer one... we know that it takes more than that to start putting things in the right place.

Rebekah said...
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